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Game advertised at 6 nations



Did you notice the game was advertised on the advertising boards at Wales v Scotland. EA actually made an effort for once - wow!

By the way - How good are Wales? Just shows you don't need a SH coach.
their skills coach (a major factor in their recent form and confiedence) is an Aussie and their previous coaches were Nzer's. Ruddock is just carrying on. He's doing a good job mind you.
Throwing in my two cents, my sister went and saw the first round of S12 matches in South Africa and she sent me some programmes -- Rugby 2005 with Shalk Burger was being advertised there as well.
When England played France (I think) in the 6 nations, they had Rugby 2005 advertised as 'Coming 4th March 2005'
6 Nations advertising...GRRRR! I was watching the Ireland v England game at Landsdowne and saw that it said it was out on March 4. I didn't think that Scotland and Ireland would have different release dates so I ended up getting all worked up for nothing.... Anyway, PLay.com emailed me yesterday, and I'll only have to wait maximum five days ( minimum 3 ) before I can play the game. Can't wait it looks a beezer.
Well Contepomi, you won't be disappointed mate!

Its the type of game that gets better the more u play.
Watching the England Vs Italy game, noticed the advertising boards saying Rugby 2005 Out March 4th, but was it, I think not, I am one of the lucky ones who have had a copy on PC for a couple of weeks, and cant wait till its out on PS2..

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