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A few people were asking about the size of my game collection in another thread, so rather than derail that thread, I figured i'd start a new one. I thought this information was in my signature (if it isnt displaying, you should probably tell me so I can try and fix it), but you can find a database of my collection at db.projectchaos.co.uk.

It's not 100% complete and the script (designed by yours truly) is still in beta, so if you want to tell me if anythings gone amiss, please do. Also, if you want to complement me on my overcompensating (667 ***les as of writing this), also please do as my ego desires a much-needed stroke. If there's anything in my game collection you'd wish to discuss, I guess this would be the place to do it as well.

Anyways, this got me thinking. What do you lot do with games after you're done with them? Do you trade them back in? Do you rent them amongst friends? Do you keep a collection? Do you go as far as me and alphabetisize and categorise each individual ***le? Any particular reason? What console has the biggest amount of games in your collection? Pretty much anything about your collections is welcome here.
Maybe it is in your sig, but why the hell would I look there dude? That is a frickin insane collecction, and at your age have had time to play through them all? or do you have cool parents that let you quit school and 12 and focus on your game collection. That lot surely cost some dosh too, and so many different platforms. wow.
Nope, went to school like everybody else. Also the collection is funded mostly by myself, save a few presents and other contributions. I dont even want to contemplate how much money i've sunk into it...

Not all of them have been played through yet though all have been purchased with the intention of being played through eventually. I try to make the hours.

Not decided how i'm going to handle digital distribution ***les in my database yet. Do I keep them seperate from the main table as they have no physical manifestation like the rest of my collection or what?

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