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Game is crashing




at least 3 out of 5 times that i play rugby 08 the game freezes and i have to restart my pc. :%#%#:

is anyone else having this problem?

I've a couple of issues, it gets blocked when I score a try and I've an injured player, I'm forced to make the substitution and then it's blocked foverer BUT I can still use ALT+TAB or CTRL+ALT+DEL to kill the process, I don't need to restart. Have you tried that? At which point you get the freeze?
it will just be a random freeze while im playing a game - there is a quick sharp noise then it all freezes - i cant do "alt - ctrl - delete" - nothing works.

This happens most of the time.
It seems to be clearly worse than my issues, check the FAQ/Troubleshooting and try to change the hardware acceleration settings for both Audio and Video, it could do the trick.
It's probably a conflict somewhere in the settings as suggested.

My 06 has crashed only once. Now i have said that, it probably wont work again lol

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