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[Gameplay] Is it possible to do a nice cross pass?


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Nov 21, 2011
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As a beginning, I have to say that RC3 is significantly better on "realism" than RC in terms of placement, moves in the backward line and ball keeping in the forward's gameplay. Despite this, it's still difficult to establish a real plan when you attack.

I gave up the hope of a refined set play, but I still believe it could be possible to manage a good inner move and a cross pass with a good timing and a good use of the D-Pad and trigger+button pass.

Is anyone here found the way to make a teammate run correctly back and inside the ball carrier in order to perform a good cross pass?
I have found slowing down the gameplay helped me best to achieve good gameplay. I found if I wanted to do my own cut passes slowing the defensive urgency gave me more time to run around set it up.

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I never hold sprint but i would hold pass till icons pop up then actually run cross field till they are behind me making them cut lol..
I also found that side stepping to preform the goose step animation creates time needed for some great short balls and if done with a congested back line can actually get the cut passes u were asking for. I know that I can do this out on the wing sometimes by not angling but by side stepping out to ur wing which makes him change his angle.
sorry for the mess I was not paying attention when they covered writing skills.

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