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Games Out in France.........



I have the game since yesterday and i played like hell.

I have to say that i'm impressed by that game, even though this is not a perfect attempt, they came close to a great one.....
This game has almost all the tools to be great but a few hick ups and bugs make it miss the 5 stars rating to me.

First, the overall package is very good.....menus are slick, i really like the choice of colors and the way it goes.......nice.

Commentary are just great and sometimes just spot on to the action...they also keep track of previous games in leagues and stuff and they kind of tell if your a serious contender or having a bad season which is nice.

Regarding Gameplay, In short i would say very realistic (like thousand miles ahead of crappy rc 2006) you really have to think your game, you can't just attack to the wing every time because you'll just lose the got damn ball every time. I found that the key is building momentum (like in real life) so you have to play a little with you're forwards before you can unleash a great backline move (which work really well by the way).
Kicking game is great especially if you have a good player....... in my first game against England i was single handedly destroyed by wilko's Kicking game, he kept pinning me in my half and putting points on the board every time he had a chance.
There are still some issues with running laterally (you can always have cheezy tries like in 2005) but with the offloads + the right stick moves you can have a more straight running games and it makes the game more realistic.

Off course there are still some bugs, and messups........but this is really a very good release by HB and i'have to say i'm impressed. I had a few 2 player games (vs) and it passed the test brilliantly, especially if you agree with you're mate to try and play realistic rugby (kick the ball when it makes sense, don't dive tackle every time, don't run too much laterally)

My verdict after 15 games or so

Brilliant game 8.6 out of ten

i just miss my french top 14 ............