Gareth Thomas Enjoys Switching Codes

Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by ORothlain, Mar 6, 2010.

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    [​IMG]As if coming out as a gay man wasn't enough for Wales most capped player of all time, he's also switching codes of another kind: union to league. Thomas just completed his transfer to Crusaders (formerly Celtic Crusaders) Rugby League. "The Wrexham-based outfit ended days of speculation when they announced the capture of the 35-year-old full-back or three-quarter" (Telegraph). "Thomas has signed a contract covering the rest of this season with an option on a second season and will start training immediately under Noble and the rest of the Crusaders coaching staff after being released from contract with Cardiff Blues" (Daily Mail). Crusaders Head Coach, Brian Noble has stated that "I think Gareth Thomas is a fabulous player" and I think everyone can agree, Gareth you're just fabulous! All jokes aside, this seems to be a smart move, albeit a gamble with Thomas just shy of 36 years old. I wish him all the best at Crusaders, and hope it helps secure the Welsh side's place in the Super League. He'll make his first appearance against Catalan Dragons on Friday 19 March. Discuss it all here!

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