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Gav or Ma'a?

Who's the best centre, Gav or Ma'a?

  • Gavin Henson

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  • Ma'a Nonu

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Ok, well Mite has started an interesting one here.
Out of pure mockery he has stated:

Ma'a Nonu > Gavin Henson

So, we all know how much everyone hates Henson and how lots of people also despise Nonu, so i thought it would be a good vote.
It's a choice of the lesser of two evils.
One wears eye liner and braids his hair, the other wears fake tan and changes his style every other week.
As much as appearences should mean nothing in this sport, people are always harping on about them, so is this gonna reflect your view on the player?

Who's the best centre?

So everyone understands this thread.
So why vote Nonu then?

Christ, i'm surrounded by idiots. Maskara wearing, eye-liner loving, hair-braiding idiots...
So why vote Nonu then?

Christ, i'm surrounded by idiots. Maskara wearing, eye-liner loving, hair-braiding idiots...

Yes and I am surrounded by Welsh... I don't know what would be worse...
Gavin Henson wins it for me he's more flamboyant and has the great long ball, great vision and not afraid to robustly tackle with aggression that center's are commonly re-known for. Nonu on the other hand has his fair share of great attributes. Hes definitely a great crasher and block busting runner but as i said on another thread he tends to give up the opportunity to look for the option on the outside. Which is why he's been over looked in the AB selection starting line up If your a winger on the outside of Nonu i feel sorry for you..LOL

But yeah Henson for me, this guy can easily rock his way into a couple of the Super14 teams down here
henson cause he can actually still be a good player and still has a massive boot :D and i dont like nonu :p
I want henson to play super 14 so he can get smashed around. Plus Nonu will smear his makeup on him when he hits him again.Im going with Nonu because im biased and I don't even think Henson would even make the ABs if it was a possibility.
I don't think Gav could make the ABs either, but i think he's a better centre than Nonu.
It leads me to believe one very sensible thing:

Nonu should NOT be in the AB squad.
last time i checked nonu isnt in the world cup squad,
and his only AB games this year have been against france as a sub.

im not sure how you guys can say ma'a the guys got hands like bricks, a non exsistent boot, a shaky pass, and sometimes very very bad vision.. im not sure why you would choose him over gav.. i dont see it.
I'll vote for both of them cause anytime they see eachother they just wanna talk about what products they use in their hair or what eye liner to use. Henson's a fake tan, hair gel pretty boy fag & Ma'a Nonu i don't know what the hell he was thinking putting on eye liner the idiot. Might be why he never got the call up to go to the world cup everyone else probably think Ma'a will smear makeup on them while they sleep.
From a NZ perspective I would consider 'centre' to be the No.13 position? As opposed to No.12 (2nd 5/8th)??

So would go with Nonu (as kicking isn't a big part of this position, and he is appearing to be passing more than ever, in the current Air NZ Cup).

If we're talking about things from the NH perspective (and possibly elsewhere) of Inside and Outside 'centres', Henson is the more rounded player and would get my vote there.

Personally, as much as these two are ridiculed, Henson at 12 and Nonu at 13 would be a VERY good world cup midfield.

If they were elligible for England I personally don't think it would be unreasonable to see them as the starting midfield, but I'm sure others would disagree very strongly?
I'd have to go with Henson but for sheer power and tackle-breaking ability Nonu is pretty awesome. Far too inconsistent in my opinion.
Henson is strong, got good hands, a big boot & almost illegal spear tackle.

Nonu is strong, basic handling skills, no boot (from what I have see) & he does give the occasional illegal tackle.

From that Henson is a better centre, though I consider Henson an inside centre & Nonu an outside centre. Like what Scuuba said, they would make a cracking centre partnership.

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