Gears of War 2

Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by St Helens RLFC, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. Out today. I should be getting my hands on it later this evening. Excellent!
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  3. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    *clears throat*


    *leaves thread*
  4. You really didn't like Gears did you?
  5. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    It's the impression I feel I'm giving off...
  6. Sir Speedy

    Sir Speedy Guest

    Meh, first one got slobbered over for TEH CHAINSAWZ and TEH GRAFFIX.
    The second will be slobbered over for CHAINSAWZ BATTLEZ and TEH BETTA GRAFFIX.
    Seriously, I'm with Mite on this one: GAY!
  7. RC

    RC Guest

    Gears of war was a remarkably entertaining game.
    When it comes to games i'm not really that knowledgable and i never play GOW online either, but that game was brilliant.
    It was fun, it was a really good story, it was challenging and playing 2 player with my flat mate and doing 10 pullups and 10 chinups for every checkpoint we passed just sealed the brilliance of the game - so much so that we played the story mode on all difficulties.

    Can't wait for the second one.
    Will have to see if my bank balance allows the purchase of it.
  8. I loved Gears as well, I thought it was great. Make sure you attempt to acquire the funds Matt.
  9. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    Cheapest at Morrisons around £25!
  10. RC

    RC Guest

    Bargain, i'm sure i can stretch my pockets enough to find the loose change lying around to make up that amount.
  11. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    Its only £25 until Tuesday while stock's last!
  12. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    f*** that, Fallout AND Far Cry are both only £29 in Sainsburys!

    Curse my car needing a service next week. <_<

    As for GoW, 2 of my mates crashed at mine last night after a party and decided to play the original on co-op. After 5 minutes of wandering aimlessly, they conceded to agree that GoW is indeed ****. So we ejected the disk and returned to good ol' faithful, Halo 3.
  13. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    Gears is great – remember its something like 2-3 years old – which just illustrates its dominence – it pushed boundaries.

    Gears2 – is even better – its an epic shooter, with a storyline next to none
    The sound is soo brilliant, the graffix are jaw dropping
    Monsters!!! – monsters!!!

    I am normally not for monsters, prefer the CoD human v human types – yet like Doom…GoW just lures me into its world, and I love bloodbaths

    I haven’t dived into online yet – I am loving campaign on its own, I’ll do it thwice over like the first one – then go online

    Gears to me is like a next generation Doom
    Funnily enough on the subject of monsters, this ‘dead space’ game is getting plenty of wraps too

    Fallout 3
    Far Cry2
    Dead Space

    I mean FFS – what to do – which ones to get
  14. esoj

    esoj Guest

    well cod5 is average from playing the pc beta anyway. it's basically just a reskinned cod4 in ww2 and it's made by treyarch who screwed cod 3 up. the one glimmer of hope for cod 5 is 4 player co-op through the singleplayer campaign but I don't think this is enough to pay full price for my advice would be to rent first. Bond another game made by treyarch on the cod 4 engine probably another rent first imo. all the reviews for it have been very mixed with the odd one rating it highly. on the other hand I would highly recommend both fallout 3 and farcry 2 from what I have played through on the pc. dead space I have heard good things about but may have to wait until next year before I pick it up.

    gears2 seems like a game almost everyone with a 360 will get. all the talk I have heard is that it looks amazing and really improves on the first one. co-op through the story returns and the added horde mode with 5 players which I heard lasts for 50 levels/waves is meant to be pretty tough on the higher difficulties. it will be interesting to see how the sales go for it but I think it will be one of the big games over the next 2 months or so over the holiday period.
  15. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    just finished on normal
    the greatsest single player experience i ever had - best since goldeneye or CoD4
    the end is rediculous - deadset this game is just brilliant
    its like being part of a **** hot action movie
    i havent played Fallout yet, but this game is by far the best i have played all year, i havent been so enthralled into a storyline with action so epic u skip dinner, and order pizza
    bring on the 3rd - these guys cant stop making this franchise, and if they do i hope they try and continue the DOOM legacy into this generation - the artwork and sound is next to none
  16. Radman

    Radman Guest

    Geez I might have to pass on Guitar Hero World Tour and instead get a 360 and this since for Xmas, Xboxs are so cheap now too i'd probably get a good 360 bundle for close to the same price as the GHWT bundle......hmmmm decisions decisions....
  17. esoj

    esoj Guest

  18. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    i have both systems x360 and ps3

    i can easily say buying GEARS2 and X360 is the best decision one can make

    everyone needs to realise these 'better' graphics on PS3 are only occuring when a game is in native res of 1080p

    no dual platform games are native 1080p, so really only ps3 exclusives are using this graphical upgrade (1080p) - problem being the actual games suck balls except wipeout and GT
    Xbox live might be $100.00 - but for what i have experienced its worth the $$ easy.

    This is a massive move from M$ - i cant fathom how it can be soo much cheaper than PS3 - i feel sony are ripping people hard.
  19. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    they better patch this matchmaking **** it takes 5-10mins to get a game online cranking
    ITS ****!!!!!!!
  20. Goth Power

    Goth Power Guest

    Just completed story on hardcore and very much enjoyed it, the graphics are immense as allways, the story was ace featuring a mix of Dom's past, and S Fenix.

    Cole was awesome with his memorable quotes, stylish cutscenes and whitty humour. As for online play, I agree with the loading times comment but its only early days and I can see that being ammended in the near future.

    I won't be putting this piece of gold down for a while, as will attempt insane in next few days.
  21. Fantastic game. Sorry Mite. Finished the campaign today, it was utter class.
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