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Good news, IIRC that leaves Ireland as the only 6N team without properly professional contracts
Looks like Premier 15s are dropping to 8 sides from next season,
Sale not making the cut is a bit ****, no pro sides in the North now

BBC says the league still wants 10. Durham and Worcester dropping out makes sense cause of financial difficulties. I thought Wasps women were part of the Wasps amateur side not the troubled side? Sale dropping out sucks. I get they haven't been good but they should have the financial backing of a men's premiership side. You'd think having a pathway in Manchester would be important to the RFU.
Munster win interpros with clinching win this week. Tight win over leinster happened on second matchday. Can only find replays on youtube which is a shame. I think this comp could do well with proper marketing.
Mitchell confirmed.

Might be lively but a bit of a coup for the Red Roses. Presumably lack of Leicester links ruled him out of the running for the men’s team.

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