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Getofmeland Super Dupa Quizzie Comp



Right People

Time For A New Quiz.... I thought

Download The Quiz.... I did

Ask People to take the Quiz.... I have

Wait For People to post the Correct Answer as Proof.... I will

Give the first person who gets it right A Rep Point.... I might

So you will download and have a go


Have Fun!!!
83/100 and i'm genuinely stuck.
There are some folk there i've never seen before in my life.
I'm even trying to cheat and use the clues to look up one internet, but the internet has f*** all on there!
I honestly can't see how i can get another 17 of those black and white pictured welsh folk!
i got 0/100

that is because once i saw it was welsh rugby stars i closed it, i wouldnt have a foggiest :)
Well We have a Winner.

Well Done Cymro you got them all right and earned a rep point.

Heres the answers [attachmentid=49]

And heres my Next Quiz

Download and give it a go


Same Rules Apply... First to complete gets a rep point...
Well that one didnt last long

Well Done Rugby Cymru

Heres the Answers if you didnt get them the first time [attachmentid=51]

And Well Heres a New Quiz For you all

Hopefully this will last a bit longer than the other one

So download and enjoy