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Getting rid of crowd/changing stadiums of teams



I've found that stadiums with a larger crowd will make my game run slower and jerkier than smaller stadiums like the Italy and Asia grounds. I was just wandering if it was possible for modders to change this, or even make the default stadium for all teams the same so that when I play the world cup or something, each team will have a small stadium and my game will run smoother.


change only the files .rsg of all competitions and put just one stadium number you will have all the match in the same stadium


For World Cup how do I assign stadiums from other countries other then France because only French stadiums are listed.

<location id="0" alias="Millennium" Index="32" />
<location id="1" alias="Murrayfield" Index="29" />
<location id="2" alias="Stade De France" Index="70" />
<location id="3" alias="Paris - Parc Des Princes" Index="64" />
<location id="4" alias="Lyon" Index="72" />
<location id="5" alias="Nantes" Index="65" />
<location id="6" alias="Toulouse" Index="73" />
<location id="7" alias="Lens" Index="69" />
<location id="8" alias="Montpellier" Index="30" />
<location id="9" alias="Castres" Index="23" />
<location id="10" alias="Bordeaux" Index="20" />
<location id="11" alias="Marseille" Index="68" />



Oh odd, i was gonna post a thread about this today!

I am not sure exactly how the stadium configurations work. I know there is several files for each.. such as the time of day, adboards, graphics,posts/pads/cornerposts.. i want to add Liberty Stadium and haven't edited a stadium into the game before.

I want to add a stadium (Madejski Stadium) to the name, 'liberty stadium', but am not sure what files i need to adjust. I think i have to edit the xml to change the name/text, and also the image for the stadium select. That's easy enough. But, what i am worried about is.. can i have the same stadium in the game twice, but with different adboards?

London Irish (Madejski Stadium) would have GP adboards, but Ospreys (Liberty Stadium) would need Magners League.

Can anyone give me a rough guide to what i need to edit please? Just some pointers, that's all.


Here is the full list of stadium pictures. I can't ID some of the South African, Australian, New Zealand and French stadiums because of my knowledge of them is poor, apart from ones i have a clue about.

354a5cd4c76d938d8eea1cb5e4f1966a.fsh ground pictures italy club
221d759bffde70c4fbb112f58ad26db6.fsh ground pictures nz
28e6ba05fa0f9eed48351cfb3f5fa69e.fsh ground pictures eden park, nz
5a31870ebee204a199e74d24b21267b5.fsh ground pictures recreation ground, bath
2c4304155fb77643d1bb882b60540eea.fsh ground pictures cheetahs
2967d78accd8f4fdd44ec87f309419ab.fsh ground pictures bourgoin
51512d99efce3e61e93113d664a73d6e.fsh ground pictures queensland reds
09172627891a973846e42dc317b1a0af.fsh ground pictures memorial stadium, bristol
3ad8567ba140cf8f555ffadceadc2fa8.fsh ground pictures argentina
091f5f486b227fc6884f6486b9f1cee0.fsh ground pictures australian, telstra?
01d4406c048d48f02c4dd21d45f25792.fsh ground pictures sa, newlands?
0a720bd369220f56204fe81844fc0027.fsh ground pictures cardiff arms park
f16d809a2de60b7cdd50c4d729adc7ae.fsh ground pictures castres
66c7335e363189c9085d52ea831a09b0.fsh ground pictures French
0e72bfc4d1fe57550b9eeda68c1fd078.fsh ground pictures nz
301cfafeafeb6eb8242365bf2e24ba15.fsh ground pictures nz
fdc45a1c41a053fc565d80f5c235249d.fsh ground pictures clermont
fe1c0fba30b66f974c0245bb87f861fb.fsh ground pictures irish, not leinster, munster or ulster. Lansdowne rd?
03e856c4cfef05ec2dd595cd0ada0d2b.fsh ground pictures nz
f4d03a3a4d6e05d1b7ade1b38b9d368e.fsh ground pictures otago highlanders OC
e68d4714fa2d83200ca20c7eeb5b0216.fsh ground pictures natal sharks day
5a639977e5482191eed4ba360552880f.fsh ground pictures edgeley park icy
0e93e7bb0dec4991e26b3445241ac5a1.fsh ground pictures edgeley park night
558133ab29638d168b1f1bf7b4cc6183.fsh ground pictures-france2 night
58177b17a64c68f6e22e4500abeed208.fsh ground pictures france2 OC
2b862a37ba76c5951297e5c0a1bf6dfc.fsh ground pictures kingsholm day/OC
4925ab5ee3f2bee72b580f603030d1ef.fsh ground pictures chiefs OC
a6e8dc59e9809c7863a6f69afb28de30.fsh ground pictures wasps day
4151b3dac43255d9d71b4f355ca23900.fsh ground pictures munster OC
e550ffe70fa1eff583d4e6d30e24c734.fsh ground pictures sa lions day
0b1245d051c6ad216d36544603033e8a.fsh ground pictures sa lions dusk
2b14329a627989131aa044b8142cebe8.fsh ground pictures welford rd OC
b82d1408996cdb79d42961dd722e0c8e.fsh ground pictures leinster icy
675f7f2f3e768f06c2f4e6e70ec02df8.fsh ground pictures leinster OC
f2f87bfe1fa81123d03d17c2ff24b3c3.fsh ground pictures biarritz day
7fc138cd8c019946d60ef3ef7db97e22.fsh ground pictures biarritz night
e0482fefc9e59eec94ca48cd847c4b1c.fsh ground pictures llanelli day
e9b075b3b0a1bead558525cfd0a5acce.fsh ground pictures madejski night
b1cbf145d8b72d04622fc581e772dca1.fsh ground pictures millenium stadium closed?
e0d665c2afb7943ea6fb118a0215809d.fsh ground pictures millenium stadium, open
9f5b48c0a39fe2c58afe646b0e03f1ce.fsh ground pictures millenium stadium closed?
65c652888c5c089d0fff3ca0c24c808d.fsh ground pictures millenium stadium closed? 3 files seem to be the same.
b2043564b6f5d9ff59187c48be081229.fsh ground pictures placeholder
54d79ac453eadb000e1822923b53ff21.fsh ground pictures murrayfield day
bc260be5bcd562df282722d5ac9af809.fsh ground pictures murrayfield night
cec6db21de29d24b5e79ab313d2665e3.fsh ground pictures murrayfield OC
43f11d4a784190fa4e615db926d73685.fsh ground pictures west glamorgan icy
1ef2a79cacca236d8c78456801c82178.fsh ground pictures west glamorgan OC
ebe005adbe6ce967f247eb09af2a52e1.fsh ground pictures kingston park icy
737a737b2729d29ead829927d5c5d807.fsh ground pictures kingston park night
dfd8e7627569bbacc1c09bb2590bfd30.fsh ground pictures rodney parade icy
251dad9d132c2c5bb960e31de3d4bc92.fsh ground pictures rodney parade night
94c07911f68a2164c9e38670991aba4c.fsh ground pictures franklins gardens night
3f488a77de744f4b6b528f863108eeb0.fsh ground pictures glasgow icy
d4bcbf3b9acebc7a75381df1b6d5d89d.fsh ground pictures glasgow night
8ac88484c5f06d63ef0f6b4a402c31a5.fsh ground pictures france3 day
9c1751ed66c1eafd986251e2c5520b1e.fsh ground pictures france3 night
f07023e423ea6e182be42e5bea722302.fsh ground pictures france3 OC
f9adbd24693545bc63edc22f48639063.fsh ground pictures stade francais OC
410397463fe6c11bfa34c41d79d0eb48.fsh ground pictures perpignan night
cac59e661b66860822739047b8b3010b.fsh ground pictures perpignan OC
5080e034bc4f230726d7c7c07bf7aab8.fsh ground pictures western force night
948ab4a052b4f212af4d19bcd5bacd82.fsh ground pictures bulls dusk
5040d1343781ec1451861c8ec0d73f74.fsh ground pictures placeholder
3834e2cf7f3662752cb97a6b18e95f02.fsh ground pictures flaminio, italy day
5dcf102466cb0f8638da4dd43443e44d.fsh ground pictures usa
23c20f16035ab3a91bf79cca59c3fffa.fsh ground pictures sixways day
bc33ddc10a970520f81b3d99a95b54cd.fsh ground pictures fiji day
b8f98126f3bbc19375f95c0ad8f81563.fsh ground pictures france clockscreen night
660ec40e6af005a1814c1e6602f251db.fsh ground pictures france clockscreen OC
e174b0664776fcee726af445e2436bdb.fsh ground pictures french dark 1
6cfa72a8fc5e1fc7ad3c25c6d0f44eaf.fsh ground pictures french 1
03cc0ef94ed54fa5b937c40a4dd643fd.fsh ground pictures french rwc with 5 billboards
28c172e40e3904763fcad9f4ff7d4135.fsh ground pictures french with 5 billboards
9b66f8f10f1ee7eea20bcd2cf09fc278.fsh ground pictures toulouse night
bb9add6be3e3af5112023074294deb28.fsh ground pictures toulouse
92e299669806da7a93147d2c0ad2e446.fsh ground pictures velodrome day
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db627ac2edfed2a8a3aeb23696073763.fsh ground pictures velodrome OC
e5ee3c807d392344715a5e2fd2ba3710.fsh ground pictures australia suncorp?
85fbbb390837a949c39aee0f81ad81c2.fsh ground pictures harlequins icy
7952afb087cdef81a697e3044c8c751a.fsh ground pictures Harlequins overcast
1467b0f68d398c352ac531a141d95746.fsh ground pictures australia suncorp?
f7374d17cd10aa6b96fe0adad3b6fce4.fsh ground pictures georgia
770a53200f8f954db44776d7f4fa098f.fsh ground pictures twickenham day
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4bcbd700d002b73786bd412f7294e288.fsh ground pictures canada?
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a35809633b28532bdf4f0298c2a63d78.fsh ground pictures nz