Gilbert Morgan Pass Developer

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by DC, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. DC

    DC Guest

    Hey guys i was just wondering if any of you have used the morgan pass developer by gilbert..

    im looking into buying one as i want to get a little more distance and zip on my scrum half passes.. if any of you guys have used them, would you reccomend buying one?
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  3. Josao

    Josao Guest

    Sounds interesting, do you have a link as I think we might have one at my school.
  4. RC

    RC Guest

    DC, i recommend you buying one.
    As a back up scrum half we're often using the pass developers. I find it helps greatly. Train with it for half an hour and feel the difference straight after, it's cracking.
    But it helps you long term as well. It trains you to become that bit stronger so you don't end up sacrificing your accuracy if you end up having to pass further than you are usually comfortable with.

    All the universities around Cardiff use that for their Scrum-halves.
  5. Beardy

    Beardy Guest

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