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Giteau returning to the Brumbies in 2010?



I know BLR is going to throttle me, but I just wanted to bring up the topic on the back of these recent stories regarding Force players not receiving their third-party payments -



The word here in Canberra is that Brumbies management will be holding talks with Giteau as early as this week.

Personally, I'd love to have him return home. The Brumbies could certainly do with a star playmaker to create opportunities for the talent in their backline.

However, is it all just a media beat-up led by the chumps at SMH? I'm sure Giteau will soon front the media with the usual statement that he's "happy with the Force" and "has no plans of going anywhere", but despite the fact I've generally ignored these stories coming from Sydney I'm now starting to think there is a big chance he'll eventually wind up back with the Brumbies.

The main reason he went in the first place was for the money... and now that Larkham is gone... ???

1. He has jus brought a house a year ago over here.
2. His girlfriend has settled herself over here in the netball team.
3. He has experienced the brilliance of Western Australia first hand.
4. These stories have been going on since Grumbles made up that Giteau was going to get a release from his contract last year.
5. It's OBVIOUSLY inconcievable that perhaps Perth has something to offer, like Pocock and Shepherd before him Giteau is obviously chomping at the bit to get out of Perth.
6. There doesn't seem to be much of a panic at RugbyWA about Giteau, and this is considering Pocock was very much up in the air for a while.
7. RugbyWA will simply line up another sponsor, the fact Giteau didn't re-sign with the Force this year is that they have been having problems with Firepower for a long time now.
8. You should understand how this is working, it happened with so many previous Force related articles this year. SMH writes a general beat up for a few months, it gets picked up by the general media with pretty much the same facts regurgitated.

It's like every season in soccer in Europe they go on about the major players getting huge bids put on them and absolutely positive to be moving....I will believe it when I see it to be honest...isn't Giteau from NSW anyway?

EDIT: From the links you gave, especially the Giteau reconsidering his position article, there was no quote at all from Giteau....I'll put that under the number 5 presumption for that one.
isn't Giteau from NSW anyway?

He was born in Queanbeyan (although technically in NSW, it's practically a suburb of Canberra - if you lived here you'd understand), schooled/played rugby in Canberra.

Anyways, I understand that the media need to write about SOMETHING when there's not much going on and this is obviously makes good fodder for them. It gives them an invitation to speculate.

I also believe that the Force will be doing everything they can to keep him - they're clueless without him.

But, I wouldn't be surprised if he ever did decide to return home. The Brumbies will apparently be talking to him within the next week or so in the aftermath of what's been going on. They'll certainly be putting forward a good case to retain him.

As for buying a house... I'm sure he could probably afford to buy houses all over the country... he lived with his parents until he moved to Perth :D

It will be interesting to see whether or not this develops into anything, or whether it will be forgotten about in a month.
Not likely to be forgotten until he re-signs or his contract rolls over for another two years at the end of 2009, he's the biggest player in Australian rugby, I mean, look at how they were with Lote's contract.

He may return to ACT after 2011 but I doubt that he will before then, he'll be captain of the Force before then so who knows...

I think Giteau's addition to the Force has had a few detrimental affects as our plays often revolve around him, and he does have some bad games...

The Force has great corporate support, a good young team, a very good coach, the best support in Australasia Super 14, an ideal location for anyone who is an active sportsman.

It's a no brainer and Giteau doesn't seem to me to be the type to 'want his mummy', hell, he would get shouted tickets over by Emirates anyway.
I read an article that the Force still owe him a chunk of money and that they can't afford to pay up?
I read an article that the Force still owe him a chunk of money and that they can't afford to pay up?
The SPONSOR Firepower owe him money, the Force got a $1 million profit last season, while the Tahs got a loss of a few million....we're fine. Western Australia's resources is the engine of the Australian economy at the moment, sponsors will flock to the Force, don't you worry yourself about it.
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<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE
Australia fly half Matt Giteau has announced he will quit Western Force at the end of the current Super 14 season to rejoin the Brumbies.

Efforts by the Force, club sponsors and supporters to keep the 26-year-old playmaker in Perth have failed, and he confirmed he will be returning to the Brumbies.

The move has been one of rugby's worst kept secrets - and the offer to return home was obviously too good to refuse.

In an ironic sense of timing, Giteau's announcement comes just a week before the Force take on the Brumbies in Canberra.

His departure will leave a massive hole in Force ranks and will have the club on a desperate hunt for a new five-eighth.

One option would be to rapidly accelerate teenager James O'Connor into the main pivot role. His contract expires this year but he has an option of an extension.

Other players who are negotiating their contracts beyond 2009 may now be considering their future at the club and possible new signings may also be having second thoughts.

Giteau moved to Perth on a three-year contract said to be worth about $4.5 million in salary and sponsorship.

But his major third-party sponsor, controversial fuel-tech company Firepower, collapsed just one year into the deal leaving him more than $1 million out of pocket.

A syndicate led by another major Force sponsor, ET Mining's Ross Graham, put together a $1.6 milion offer, but such a dela would mean Giteau signing for the Force until 2011.

The two-year extension was a major stumbling block and Giteau refused the offer late last year.
A group of Canberra-based businessman, who are said to have had talks with Giteau's new manager, James Erskine, are believed to have put up a big third-party deal that will take Giteau back to his home city.[/b]


He´s going to the Brumbies

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