Giving In To The Fact Im Gutted !

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by knowsleyroader, Dec 7, 2005.

  1. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    i still like the game 2, going to play with the files tomorrow to see if i can change the responsiveness and such
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  3. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    If i could score runnaways with star players, then i could forgive all the other faults of the game. Scoring tries on reserve is so much fun, you forget about the cons, but reserve only lasts a short while. this problem could be fixed if the the sliders only affected the your team or the Ai, but it affects you both evenly, what were they thinking? On the making of the game video they talk about the fact that you can tweak till your hearts content, did they even test this out? surely not or they would hav realised that it dosent work.

    Having said that, Last night, my brother scored an 80 metre runaway with meli, and me a 50 metre with jones,(on seasoned) One thing I had been doing was just tapping the speed burst(like RL1) but once i started tapping a couple of times then holding it down and I seemed o find space. Still its way too hard, and when you do score one, it feels a bit too much like a freak occurence. Im styill playing with sliders to try and maximise this new potential, i hav to say , it has gotten better.
  4. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    well i am now loving it

    cut-out balls are sick,a dn if u throw 3 flat R1 and square passes, u cross the field in 3 seconds, and can find some space.

    i am on seasoned franchise

    am at 7 wins, 4 losses..............and scoring decent long range tries to boot.....its all about comitting on the break and stepping the FB.....but dont forget about the grubber either [​IMG]

    got the shoulder barging happening, and selecting the FB instantaneously is bliss, when they kick or put up the bomb.

    the controls/responsiveness is still yet to be desired

    the testers names are in the credits.....but dont give them any......what did they in RL1 they tested Mario's breakfast, whilst he had their contracts under a knife.........FFS Sidhe, get some real testers.......this is on par with RL1, R2k4 with rgds to player control.

    Being a league nut, just going thru the season, reading the ticker news, stats tracking etc, i just absolutely am in heaven..............if it wasnt my favourite sport, i'd be taking this game back.......but this one will pass the test of time for me (unlike RL1 which was just dire in depth, and the gameplay less complex with features), so this RL2 suits my tastes buds nicely, and now i reckon, if they just look at player movement, the next RL3 has a good depth template to work from.
    Franchise is great, so now lets talk movement.........ak47 looks at Sidhe past testing abilities....cries, and puts a pre-order on RC2006 [​IMG]

    keep this in mind
    4 years ago we only had JLR, and Rugby 2001
    Now we have RL1, RL2, WCR, R2k4, R2k5...with R2k6 and RC06 coming.

    In 4 years the rugby genre has taken off...............our virtual world, slowly, not ideally to our timeframe, is getting better and better and better.....remind me of Madden pre 1998.
    Next gen will be our answer IMO.....and IM EXCITED!!!!!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. esoj

    esoj Guest

    yeah franchsie seems to be the way to go with this game. I will have to start mine today after a few more practice games.
  6. Savage

    Savage Guest

    well i enjoy it. Franchise mode is awesome.

    i needed a new controller too. others were broken. the warriors one is good as.
  7. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    the supporter controllers suits this game to a tee

    buttons nice and close to eachother, for when u gotto turbo/agression, then change player and tackle.
  8. esoj

    esoj Guest

    franchise is defintely awesome in the game i have just started but it seems to be really in depth with everything from training to squad selection in there. ropati got injured in my first game and is gone for 4 weeks, the rest of the game maybe bit of a let down but franchsie mode is defintely worth getting the game for
  9. SteveG

    SteveG Guest

    I guess that certain games suit different players. I have played ALL Rugby-type games released in the last 15 years and have liked aspects of most of them except EA Rugby 2004 (which was a heap of crap) and WCR (which was a cartoon masquarading as a simulation). But, I'm sure some people liked them as much I disliked them.

    I have issues with some aspects of RL2, but on the whole find it much better than RL1 and others. I do play EA Rugby 2005 and enjoy it, but it too has issues.

    Obviously, everyone who plays RL2 will decide for themselves, and some will most certainly hate it. I personally like the atmosphere of it, the graphics are very good, the gameplay on the whole is an improvement over RL1, and most bugs have been fixed.

    Each to their own, I say.
  10. the most expencive thing i saw was nfs:mw black edition, which was $109 with a 'free' controller.

    they had a few discounts there though. nascar was $20 off, and tiger woods 05 was only 50 bucks... for Christmas sales, the discounts wernt too bad, early-mid are the best times to get discounts though.

    rl2 was $99 with [top 50 nrl moments?] dvd with it. i just got the 2 games instead of rl2, because from the first one, i didnt think it would be overwelming - seems i was right
  11. eb is rip off....central park was worse im glad they was like in 2003 they were still selling jonah at 100bux....retards

    and last year it was selling at $50...hmph

    hahhahahaa....gamesman has some good fair deals

    any kiwi been to real groovy?...have some very good second hand games as well as some good scores

    3 platinum ps2 games for 100bux woot woot
  12. I bought RL2 today. My PS2 has just been put back to pieces.... Judgement time!
  13. Cant play this anymore. Im sorry but no matter how much I desire a Rugby League game, I wont subject myself to this.

    The thing that annoys me most is I would have much prefered the extra features and franchise just tagged onto RL1. Would have been much happier.

    Guess its back to waiting for me.. Roll on RC2006 and EA Rugby 2006. I know for sure that RC2006 is a corker and im just hoping EA Rugby is.
  14. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    I'll give you 20 virtual dollars if you say that on the SIDHE forums.
  15. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    Still mucking around with the sliders - it has slowly got better for me on seasoned mode - just need more time to adjust ratings and playtest.

    A couple of things I'd like to put forward............

    1. The main problem for me appears to be the fact that stats are only based out of 10, hence the difference in ability between the players is so minute that things like speed are very similar across the board regardless of individual ratings (hence little/to no long range tries on higher levels). Forwards seem to be rated way too highly in speed/acceleration. The difference in speed between someone like Sing and Webke is fairly minimal as a result.

    Even when I've put props on only one "block" for speed, they still appear to be relatively quick in the game during my playtesting.

    Mario tried to "palm" off on this very forum the problems of having ability ratings based only out of 10 - I think the fact it has made all players far too similar in this version has justified the concerns we raised about it.

    2. The responsiveness of players is inexcusable. When you next have a tap penalty in the game run one way and then try to change direction quickly in the opposite direction - turning circle like a tractor........

    3. Fullbacks are next to useless in the game on attack. The fullback sits back in attack like he is defending, and unless he is made one of the 2 "playmakers" he will never be utilised in attack. Best thing to do is put someone at fullback who is average in most things except for tackling - and use you fullback (if he is an attacking weapon like K.Hunt etc) in another position so he can get some ball. I play with the warriors and I use Webb at centre with Ropati at fullback.

    4. Who did the cutscenes, and has he ever watched a game of league??? What relevance to the game is the cutscene showing a player looking skywards like he is watching a bee fly past?? what about your goal kicker breaking down each time a kick is missed, even if the kick isn't that important?? You can turn them off apparently, but really they could have really added to the atmosphere of the game with some decent cut scenes.

    5. ........talking of atmosphere, where is it?? Why is the crowd just a fairly quiet "murmour" regardless of what is occuring on the pitch?? Hard to feel the intensity of the battle when the crowd seems so lacklustre..........
  16. Parore

    Parore Guest

    I absolutely love the game, is it because im a league fan? Who knows.

    You need to give the game a chance. For example when you get to semi finals footy you notice the computer going one up from the ruck dummy half runs only and you know they are setting up for a field goal when the scores are level. They dont throw the ball around unless they are ahead.

    I've setup heaps of setplays with cut out passes run arounds, double run arounds with a little grubber to my winger. Theres lots of stuff like that and you can learn to do a backflick pass too if you click the pass button really quickly near a player who is running the other way from you.

    I have also noticed when I keep players on whose fatigue levels are 20% they drop the ball more often or throw a bad pass, or are really slow out of dummy half, that adds to the realism and you need to use your bench well if you want to win the tough games.

    Its best to kick out of dummy half and you can get lots of 40-20's.

    In Franchise mode you really need to work hard at beating teams above you and need to remove players whose stats are going down as they play more poorly.
  17. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    I have to agree with you. I know there are some control issues etc, but so far I've been able to work around them pretty well and I think the game is brilliant. At first I wasn't very impressed because I kept focussing on all the things people have been complaining about, but the more I play it the more I like it.
    Though I have to say this game feels 100 times better on PC... They just need to release the control config patch.
  18. Parore

    Parore Guest

    I dont know if its me but I think players go in and out of form in the game. I have Jerome Ropati whose played every game for me so far and is really carving the outside defence of teams up whereas when I brought Toopi back from injury (whose skill levels are better than Ropati's) he hardly can make 5m he always gets smashed and hasnt made 1 line break.
  19. esoj

    esoj Guest

    yeah maybe form is part of the game and a player does badly when they have poor stats and better when there stats are better.
  20. Paddy

    Paddy Guest

    what, they start making mistakes when their fatigue at 20%

    wow thanks for telling me, no wonder sometimes my players always drop the ball
  21. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    Well what do you know. This game is released we say its crap, but it actually does come good after a while. EA release a game, we say its great and it just gets worse from there...
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