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Glasgow v Llanelli


An Tarbh

Mark Jones, Stephen Jones, Dwayne Peel and Alix Popham are all rested, along with Ireland's Simon Easterby for Llanelli's trip to Hughendon

Given the form of Glasgow at home you'd expect them to get the win. Although with Heineken Cup qualification virtually secured you'd wonder how up for this one Galsgow would be.
Final score: Glasgow 30 - 14 Scarlets

I'm not sure what happened here.
Scarlets were leading 3 - 14 when half time was closing in (they may even have gone in with that score line and half time), but they most certainly had a 2nd half collapse.

It's just summing up Welsh rugby at the moment...altho, not specifically, because Scarlets actually had the lead at one point in the match.

Will have to check out the highlights this sunday on Scrum V.