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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Warriors#1, Aug 31, 2007.

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    Glasgow Warriors v Newcastle Falcons tonight at Firhill!! Anyway one going? I know i am! Anyway predictions, mine's is Warriors 23 Falcons 10!

    Warriors Line-Up

    15 Colin Shaw

    14 Max Evans
    13 Graeme Morrison
    12 Daryl Gibson
    11 Hefin O'Hare

    10 Colin Gregor
    9 Chris O'Young

    1 Michael Collins
    2 Eric Milligan
    3 Ben Prescott
    4 Andy Newman
    5 Alastair Kellock CAPTAIN
    6 Steve Swindall
    7 Donnie Macfadyen
    8 John Beattie

    Substitutes: Pat MacArthur, Ed Kalman, Moray Low, Dan Turner, James Eddie, Opeta Palepoi, Richie Vernon, Scott Forrest, Sam Pinder, Mike Adamson, Sean Marsden, Scott Barrow, Bernardo Stortoni

    Falcons Line-Up

    15 Matthew Burke
    14 Tom May
    13 James Hoyle
    12 Mark Mayerhofler
    11 John Rudd
    10 Steve Jones
    9 Lee Dickson

    1 Joe McDonnell
    2 Matt Thompson
    3 Micky Ward
    4 Andy Buist
    5 Mark Sorenson
    6 Geoff Parling
    7 Ben Woods
    8 Phil Dowson (captain)

    Substitutes:: Andy Long, David Wilson, Jon Golding, Andy Perry, Brent Wilson, James Grindal, Adam Dehaty, Joe Shaw, Ollie Phillips
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  3. Warriors#1

    Warriors#1 Guest

    Final Score:

    Glasgow 18 Falcons 13

    It was a good game!
  4. i was there

    great result - and a good performance from the glasgow boys. this is a team i am actually excited about. (although its a long 5 week wait till we'll be back at firhill)

    also a pleasant surprise to get there and find the bar was open! :D
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