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    Donnie MacFadyen will make his first start of the season for Glasgow at Firhill tomorrow night.

    Ospreys coach Lyn Jones has Alun Wyn Jones available as well as the experience of Sonny Parker and Nikki Walker for his side's trip north of the border.

    Glasgow have had an impressive home win and will be looking to put the Ospreys closer to that precarious playoff spot for Europe with a victory.

    So who will take the spoils then???

    Glasgow: Bernardo Stortoni; Lome Fa'atau, Daryl Gibson, Graeme Morrison, Max Evans; Dan Parks, Sam Pinder; Ed Kalman, Fergus Thomson, Moray Low, Andy Newman, Alastair Kellock (capt), James Eddie, Donnie Macfadyen, Johnnie Beattie.
    Replacements: Eric Milligan, Kevin Tkachuk, Dan Turner, John Barclay, Colin Gregor, Scott Barrow, Hefin O¿Hare.

    Ospreys: Johnny Vaughton; Nikki Walker, Sonny Parker, Jonathan Spratt, Mark Taylor; Shaun Connor, Justin Marshall; Paul James, Richard Hibbard, Cai Griffiths, Lyndon Bateman, Alun Wyn Jones, Ben Lewis, Marty Holah, Filo Tiatia (capt).
    Replacements: Ed Shervington, Andrew Millward, Andy Lloyd, Tom Smith, Rhys Webb, Gareth Owen, Aled Brew.
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  3. Donnie MacFadyen will make his first start of the season for Glasgow at Firhill tomorrow night as the Warriors play their first game in six weeks having had no game 2 weeks ago.



    we played the Scarlets 2 weeks ago!

    Anyway, looking forward to tomorrow night and getting back to Firhill (its been a long time since the Saracens game). Good to see Max Evans getting his first competitive start for the Warriors, and G-Dog also getting rewarded for his great form for Scotland 'A'. Will be interesting to see how Max plays against Niki Walker, could he possibly see a chance to force his way into the Scotland squad?

    Also good to see Lome in the team, was beginning to look like a threat before he got injured in december.

    Good Luck to the team, and heres hoping we can pick up the pieces of our season and set to work trying to catch Edinburgh.
  4. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    My bad, that'll teach me to pay attention to what I read on the BBC
  5. Warriors#1

    Warriors#1 Guest

    the Glasgow forwards played well, in what was terriable rugby conditions. As many games before Park's boot won the game on the board, but todays game was won by the forwards,
  6. Not great conditions for a game of rugby last night, but apparently we had it easier than many in the ML (and england).

    Was an exciting game though despite neither team really threatening. (Glasgow got close a few times but then quickly gave away a 'penalty' - including one for our Number 8 coming off the scrum with the ball) Parks squandered a couple of kicks that could have made that last 10 minutes a bit easier, but I wouldnt fancy kicking in those conditions.

    Other than that the only disapointment was the performance of the officials. It took Kaplan at least a minute to notice Kellock was fighting with an Ospreys forward, and then when Kellock got injured at the start of the second half play stopped several times without Kaplan noticing him, never mind checking he was alright. Infact, im still not convinced he knew he was substituted!

    And as for the linesman on the far side in the second half, every time the Ospreys kicked downfield he added at least an extra 5 yards. Ok, i can accpet he may make the occasional mistake but during the course of the second half he must have cost Glasgow the length of the pitch in territory.

    Lome was great though, in the same game he managed to run AND (nearly) catch the ball! (even when he scored a try he didnt catch the ball!)

    dont worry, according to the Herald this morning the Ospreys are the Magners League leaders! I wonder if they just recycled last years story?
  7. RC

    RC Guest

    That truly sounds like one of those awful games you hear of very often on the magners league.
    It's times like these that I'm happy to be an armchair supporter.
  8. candybum

    candybum Guest

    I guess thats why the ELVs are in place at the mo lol
  9. MunsterMan

    MunsterMan Guest

    Can the ELV's make wind and rain go away?? :p
  10. RC

    RC Guest


    Plus, you have to look at the level our club players play at in comparison to your players.
    I had the choice of watching the crusaders - stormers game...or watch the gwent Dragons draw 10-10.
    Ahem, no contest.
    Magners league just seem to LOVE knocking on that fecking ball!
    Knocking on the ball is a rarity on S14...essentially it's what you paid your ticket for in the Magners league. <_<
  11. Agreed the Magners league is pretty **** quality especially with the bigger clubs rarely puting out full strength sides. Still thats a good win for Glasgow, they needed it after their dodgy run of late.
  12. To be honest, in weather like friday nights im not surprised there are lots of handling errors. I was certainly glad I wasnt playing!

    That said, Glasgow appear to be quite good at 9-6 Wins! :D
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