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Discussion in 'European Champions & Challenge Cup' started by An Tarbh, Nov 15, 2007.

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    Glasgow will go into tomorrows game with Viadana hoping to do what Biarritz failed to do and pick up a bonus point win over the travelling Italians.

    Sean Lineen has made 4 changes to the side which lost in Watford on Sunday with Scott Barrow and Graeme Morrison starting in the centres. Hefin O'Hare comes in on the wing while Dan Turner gets a chance in the second row.

    Viadana make changes at half back with Calvin Howarth and Steven Bortolusi coming in for Corrado Pilat and Craig McGrath. In the pack there are 7 changes with backrow Aldo Birchall the only man to keep his place.

    Glasgow: 15 Bernardo Stortoni, 14 Lome Fa'atau, 13 Gramme Morrison, 12 Scott Barrow, 11 Hefin O'Hare, 10 Dan Parks, 9 Chris O'Young, 8 Johnnie Beattie, 7 John Barclay, 6 Kelly Brown, 5 Alastair Kellock ©, 4 Dan Turner, 3 Moray Low, 2 Fergus Thomson, 1 Justin Va'a.

    Replacements: 16 Eric Milligan, 17 Ed Kalman, 18 Opeta Palepoi, 19 James Eddie, 20 Sam Pinder, 21 Colin Gregor, 22 Andrew Henderson.

    Viadana: 15 Hayden Reid, 14 Kaine Robertson ©, 13 Garry Law, 12 Roberto Talotti, 11 Hayden Pedersen, 10 Calvin Howarth, 9 Steven Bortolussi, 8 Andrea Benatti, 7 Lance Persico, 6 Aldo Birchall, 5 Ockert Booyse, 4 Dion Waller, 3 Luca Redolfini, 2 Andrea Moretti, 1 André De Bonis.
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  3. If Glasgow are to get to the quarters they will have to get a bonus point victory tonight, but i just dont think they have the cutting edge to score 4 tries. Im pretty certain with Parks that they will win fairly comfortably.
  4. Warriors#1

    Warriors#1 Guest

    I rewckon this will be a tight game with Glasgow coming through. we just need that bonus-point, which we will need to work hard to get
  5. Well after being 24-7 up after only 25 minutes its now back to 24-24 after an hour. Oh dear...

    Mind you maybe Viadana are a better side than we give them credit for.
  6. Viadana werent really all that good - the first 3 tries were pathetic from glasgows point of view (frist our FB was concentrating on the ground beneath his feet rather than the ball he was trying to catch, missed the ball and it bounced into an oppositions hands. second was also soft and the third our players carried the ball from our 10 metre line back to between our posts where they were turned over and conceeded!)

    TBH though the worst performance of the night was the man in the middle! (James Jones) He totally missed a stamp on a Glasgow player (which he even ignored when his linesman brought it to his attention) and wondered why there was a full scale brawl just a minute later! from that point on he never really had control of the game - warning the same players 3/4 times but still refusing to reach for the pocket!

    Infact he only did so when all 1700 in attendance were on their feet chanting "off, off" after a rediculously high challenge! (the same player was then involved - and spoken to - about further incidents but was let off!)

    all in all the game was ruined by the referees inability to control the game (and its the second time he has done so at firhill this season!), but at least we wont be getting many more welsh refs this season having played all the irish teams!
  7. Sean Lineen described it as "the worst performance since he joined Glasgow" fair enough they scored 41 pts in the HC but to conceded 31 pts and 4 tries against such a poor team is unnacceptable. They would have been looking to win by 25-30, but now taking into account that points difference is important and this is the easiest game they will have it could be difficult to progress.
  8. An Tarbh

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    well I'm not sure if it will make a difference as it's always the result between 2 sides that comes into the equation long before points difference so as far as Glasgow are concerned it's job done.

    I always find that there's usually an element of complacency when teams come up against the weaker sides in their pool but always seem to be capable of finding that extra gear.

    Lineen may be disappointed with the performance and rightly so given the manner in which some of the tries were conceded but I'd bet he's not too ****** to have 6 points after the first 2 games.

  9. oh, i think he will be - he was cursing our first half defence that cost us the chance of an opening day upset at VR last week!
  10. Warriors#1

    Warriors#1 Guest

    Our defense was poor (thats me putting it lightly) and we were in the lead and on a role, we needed to put thte game away and keep the points ticking. we let Viadana in the game and allowed them to get the bonus point
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