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Gloucester v Agen - Pool 2


An Tarbh

Gloucester realistically need the bp out of this one to have a decent chance of progressing, failure to do so last weekend could end up costing them, and could be detrimental to their chances this week as well. Agen will be reasonably confident following their opening night win but whether that form will travel with them is always the million dollar question with the 'lesser' French teams.
Shock of the weekend here so far with Agen coming away not only with the win but a bp to boot. Certainly paints Agen in a different light and puts Edinburgh's performance into perspective ahead of tomorow's match.
Blimey did you see the size of those Agen backs! fearsome!!. Alllan played well 2 good trys. Glousters team too inexperienced this season. but i reckon they could be a good bet next seaon or the one after. They have all the attributes solid pack and quick exciting and skillful backs?????????

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