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Gloucester v Bristol



<div align="center">"They've hit form and have played exceptionally well - they absolutely obliterated Bourgoin. "I had a quick chat with Dean Ryan the other day and I'm not sure he can believe what's going on.
"The club is thriving, it's been built over many years, they've worked hard to get where they are, have a terrific new stadium and a fanatical crowd."

Full Time Score

Gloucester 27 - 0 Bristol

Try Scorers: Lloyd (2), Azam, Simpson-Daniel

Penalty: Lamb

Conversions: Lamb (2)
Good result for Gloucester to make sure they are top going into next weeks game against Bath.
After yesterdays game and his performances this season, Simpson-Daniel has to be in the next England team. I may be sticking my neck out here but i think he is the best attacking player i have ever seen at Gloucester. His defense is much stronger and he looks a bit bulkier, certainly bigger than Lemi of Bristol yesterday(not hard i know). Can anyone think of a more deserving starter on the wing? please no club bias!
Also Qera is quite simply awsome in attack and defense(what a signing!)
Tbh i can't,i'm so glad i didn't go and watch the game.I think Lemi was good when he first came to Bristol but clubs have found out how he plays now. I have always rated Simpson-Daniel but is he quite England standard?Not sure i would want him playing for England. But to be fair i haven't seen him play this season.
I've been bemused as to why Simpson-Daniel (injuries aside) hasn't been more involved in the England team over the past 4 years. I'm a massive fan, he simply has to be in the squad for the 6 Nations.
I may be jumping the gun and i know he has come back from a long layoff but Jeremy Paul looks like he is out of his depth in the premiership. I always thought he was a great hooker but from what ive seen of him he is either just on the Glos gravy train or he is well past his best . He has played a lot of very intense rugby for Australia over the yeas from a very young age and it may have taken its toll?
hey can anyone tell me where Josh Taumalolo is?, is he injured?...he hasnt played for a while i knw that when he was playing earlier he wasnt playing his best? so out of form perhaps...
I'm not sure i think he might be being left out of the team at the moment with the Arscot brothers doing well.

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