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Ladies and gents, I`d just like to get your personal opinions on this game we call golf. This question was brought about by a new colleague at work, who made the cardinal sin of asking me what my "handicap" was. Well, naturally having all of my most important bodily functions in good working order, I presumed he didn`t know the 11th Commandment: "Thou shalt not mention THAT awful 4-letter word in front of Ziggy, or else Ziggy shall be forced to kill you."

So my question to you is this: is **** actually a sport? In my experience of all ball sports, the one single constant has always been that the ball generally returns to you. Whether I`m playing rugby, football, cricket, tennis, squash or whatever, when I make a pass, hit a shot or bowl a delivery, the ball will always, but always, return back to me, at some point or another.

Not so in ****. I hit the damn ball, then go looking for it in a bush somewhere, find it, then hit it again. Hopefully. Because I`ve actually managed 4 "freshies" on a single shot once. Plus it`s a fecking expensive sport. You try hitting 6 balls out of bounds onto the freeway. Then break your driver, 7-iron and putter, all on the same round, and tell me it`s not expensive.

So I`ve basically given up hope of ever understanding why people play this game called ****. If anyone can enlighten me as to why it`s considered a sport, and more importantly, why people actually enjoy playing it, I`ll be forever grateful.

Yours faithfully

Of Course Golf is a Sport, Golfers 'are' Athletes to some extent especially professional golfers...

It just proves that it takes a skill to play it by the way you mentioned you it into bushes?

With Golf the Ball does return to you when you finally get the ball in the hole, so it therefore has returned to you...

The game of Golf is a fantastic game to learn to play because it is of a physical and mental strength, it is also a game which teaches control, and a game which you can still play when your old and grey, its a great walk in fantastic scenery and it a sport which you can play for a day and still not get overly tired.

In other words Golf is fantastic...
Why should balls return for a sport to be a ball sport? Think about snooker/billiards/whatever it's named overthere. Or pinball (okay, not really a sport but still), and foosball.
So yeah, not really sports but still. Although, if they are sports, they make an exception to a sociological statement.

BoKMagic, I'm afraid Golf is a sport.
Bingo! Golf is a great sport.
It's an amazing sport where you can actually socialise with ye whom you compete against.
Just walking holes on a sunday morning (whether it's cold and wet or warm and dry) with your mates, hitting a few shockers and talking about the minger you pulled the night before.
It's idyllic and i'm fully prepared - when i'm older and a little bit better off (financially) - to leave my family and worries behind and go on a golfing holiday to Portugal or Florida with some of the boys.

God i love golf.
One question I have, what's with the golf carts taking you everywhere. Why not just buy a bike, or something else that requires SOME activity?
Also, whats with the caddy doing everything for you?
Oh yeah your really gonna cycle with a huge bag on your back...

And also Caddy's are very useful and the majority are fantastic Golfers, they know the course they caddy on like the back of their hand... They do help make decisions...
Erm..only rich folk and pro's have caddies and carts...no wait, pro's dont have the carts.

Us working class gentlemen carry our own clubs and get places with our feet.
So that also breaks the same sociological theory ^o)

The profesor that taught that course was sort of an asshole anyway so xD
a sport indeed for true gentlemen

good game to make business contacts and socialize, yet can be very frustrating and annoying to play

i prefer mini-golf...
i prefer mini-golf...

Comments like that will make you more unwanted than a black man or a woman (or both!) on your run of the mill golf course.

There's a golf club in Cardiff that are actually petitioning for it to be a mens only club again. :lol:
I think it's great. Their argument is women are slowing up the holes. People are forever complaining that the women are taking too long to complete a hole.

This is brilliant. Are there really that many women playing golf?
I very rarely stumble across a lady whilst out making divots, scaring the ducks in the ponds and getting sand in my eyes and shoes...but hey, i'm a white male - therefore i'm playing the game the way it's supposed to be played!
I love the feeling of hitting a golf ball sweetly.

I hate slicing it when people are watching.
Well It sure as hell aint a contact sport, Unless you take contacting the ball with your gholf stick but I don't think thats applicable...and there is nothing more boring in this WHOLE WORLD than watching gholf on Television. OK I stand corrected I forgot about whatching the government doing their **** on Television that is Very boring, in fact when I'm having a dose of Insomnia I actually whatch gholf or government TV they both work like a charm...

Comments like that will make you more unwanted than a black man or a woman (or both!) on your run of the mill golf course.


so you're insinuating golf is a prejudicial sport at best...blimey :huh:

on the flip side there's a country club not far from where I live that only allows blacks
Golf should be banned from the face of this earth along with Tennis, Squash, Badminton, & Table Tennis.

Chabal doesnt approve of this useless hobby. Instead HRH wants to see the return of Jousting, Death Matches, Pitbull fighting, Mortal Kombats, Street Fights, etc...
You forgot Cock Fights (and why not train other animals to attack eachother?), spitting contests, poking bears with a stick contests, and so many more.
You forgot Cock Fights (and why not train other animals to attack eachother?), spitting contests, poking bears with a stick contests, and so many more. [/b]

:lol2tn: :lol2tn: :lol2tn: :lol2tn: :D :D :D :D :D :D
Right, moving right along back on topic, and away from COCK FIGHTS etc, okay so maybe it`s a sport. Sure, I can accept that it takes a certain level of skill to hit a small white ball straight and long. But really guys, how can you call even professional golfers "athletes"?

I mean, look at some of the biggest names in golf. Literally biggest. A guy like Ernie Els- jeepers, how can anyone have a pot belly like that, and then still call himself an "athlete"? And he`s won 3 majors, been in the top 5 consistently for the last 10 years.

Or how about Tiger Woods, supposedly this incredible "athlete"? Sure the guy can hit a small white ball, read greens, pick shots etc. And he`s got like a zillion dollars more in his bank account than most of us on here will ever earn in our lives. But what really grates my carrot is this- people saying that he`s revolutionised golf due to his superb fitness. I mean, golfers are in awe of the fact that he can run a 40-minute 10km. Well done there- the last time I ran a 40min. 10km was 15 years ago. Since then it`s been more like 35mins. Not because I`m an amazing "athlete", just because it`s easy. You know the normal lumbering up pace of a warmup jog before a game? Keep doing that for 40mins, and you`ll have run a 40min 10km. And then people go on about his ability to "bench" 120lbs. Pur-leassse, pathetic!

So guys, keep on playing, respect the guys for their skill. But just don`t go calling golfers athletes!