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Good news on the horizon?



I just noticed that the original Xbox Fifa 07 is now compatible with Xbox 360. "So what?" you say, but I reply with ha-HA! Rugby 06 uses the same mechanics engine which in turn means I expect the emulator to be out soon.

It's about bloody time, I havn't tuened my old Xbox on since xmas, so I'm proberbly a but rusty at 06 now...
That's great news. I am still playing on Fifa 07 on the Xbox, the bloody 360 version was utter shite. Now I can get to play the best version on the best console, Yippie!!
xbox fifa 07 looks really crisp on the 360 like its been sharpened up in photoshop
Yeah its really better looking on the 360. Absolutely gutted that Xbox Live disconnects when you go online with Fifa 07. I can manage 10-15 seconds before it looses its connection (even though mine & the guys I was playing against connection was high) Perhaps EA are doing this on purpose so that we buy the 360 version of FIFA 07 to get online.
I'm hoping they can fix this problem out, because I never got the chance to play online with the Xbox version.
It turns out that you can play online, but only with someone who has a 360 playing on Fifa 07. Been playing my mate online, he has a 360 & Fifa 07 for the original xbox & it works.

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