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got demo today, my thoughts



i think it is a very solid starting point for hopefully a great franchise. the game plays very fluidlty(watever that word is).

One problem that i do have is the ball physics, they are dreadful, the crappest i have ever seen. even lomus ball physics were way better then this. it effects the gameplay and also looks disatrous. goal kicking looks disgraceful.

easy is to easy for me i win 50 nil every game.

If they fix up the ball physics i beleieve this game could go a long way.

Pretty good job EA.

WAY BETTER then 04
yer im an aussie from innisfail (billy later country) went to cairns and they had it on the tv at EB. i asked at thecounter and they gave me one.
Nice. hey isn't there like a massive cyclone near Cairns? And the warning area is down to innisvale?
DAMN! yeah i reckon! bugger dude
I agree totally, its definately something that can be built on. Despite some serious flaws you can see at least some decent art and animation and with the fifa engine being used the future could be bright for the rugby franchise. By the way the demo is apparently medium difficulty, shocker!!!!
no,the demo is on easy trust me,i have the demo and its defo on easy,locksley said that its really hard to find gaps on hard mode,so yeah im pretty sure its on easy.

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