GP Highlights online.

Discussion in 'Aviva Premiership / LV Cup' started by Prestwick, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Check it out! Maybe our prayers have been answered.

    I remember using which was a superb (if totally unadvertised) service with absolutely tons of highlights for the GP and most of England's home games for around a tenner before it went kaput.
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  3. RC

    RC Guest

    Was that example clip filmed by a spectator in the crowd?

    Something about that clip looks weird...
  4. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

  5. That's just how matches not filmed by any official channel such as Sky turn out. It's certainly not bad quality, I'll definately take it over nothing at all.
  6. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Yeah, during the days of, all the coverage was done by some guy with a 1980s Soviet camcorder with a microphone perfectly tuned to pick up as much wind noise as possible, even inside the Millenium Stadium with the roof closed.
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