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Great Free Racing game




Just thought I'd share a cool racing game that I play. It's called Live For Speed and the demo is totally free and gives you 1 track with 3 different track variations (rally, hardtrack etc) and 3 different cars to use. You can play online against loads of people with the demo for as long as you like and if you really like it you can buy an upgrade voucher to unlock the whole game.

The physics of the game is AWESOME and UNMATCHED by any other racer.

Its pretty spot on graphically (well you shouldn't grumble). If you like racing games then you HAVE TO check this out - It gets super complex aswell if you want to make your own car setups etc.

And the website keeps track of all your laps and split times to see how close to World Records you are (whether you are demo player or payed player). If you're into all the super complex stuff you can upload your laps and view it with lap telemetry too, to see where you're losing speed.

Here's a couple of screenies I just took (against the computer), but the great fun is when you race online.

Oh yeh here's the link for game (bout 138mb I think) www.lfs.net and here's the link for the website desktop to check your stats www.lfsworld.net (obviously you have to setup a FREE account before you can do either of them)



Lemme know if any of ya are racing - My username is Ruff4548


would it match my requirements.

graphics - ati radeon 1400x

1gb ram

alienware lap.


Yeah it would Steynboi, just tried it out now, wasn't too taxing to run. Didn't like the stearing on it atall though, took too long to come back to centre, meaning that if you turned too sharp in one direction it took an age untill it started going straight/turning in the opposite diretion, meaning i'd be going everywhere!


Yeh its not too taxing on the PC.

As for steering you ideally use a wheel n pedals :) but a joypad with an analogue stick is OK. Using keyboard will be hard cos its designed for 900 degree steering so pushing left on key means full lock left and vice versa.