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greatest game ever!



Hi there

I am new to the firum, but am sure to fing this a great place to chat. Anyway, I have been bugging my local supplier for months to confirm when Rugby 2005 (on PC) will hit the shelves. The the release date said 8 March, and the store owner said it was delayed.

Anyway I got the game a week ago and immediately delved into the game. Played the first game on normal and it was a good experince. After the 3rd try I just found the normal mode tooooo easy and I switched to hard. This is what we have been waiting for... the game plays perfectly on hard. It is tough, but you can score. and the final scores are much more realistic. I managed to beat ireland in the last minute with the Springboks by scoring a try in the corner and then converting final score 14-13 to the boks.

The trouble on hard is the amount of turn overs. I want to know if anybody can help me with a technique or some buttons that can help increase my chances of keeping posession. It is terrible of you get close to the line, and 1st to the ball, but it gets turned over for no reason.

Even tough it has been said earlier in other topics:

keep the ball close to your forwards!!!!!

Don't put all your forwards in rucks or mauls
use R2/L2 pass to charge wit a forward.
this builds up momentum for your team and helps you keep possession

try not isolate your players orelse you'll lose the ball.

works just fine, even if your forwards are overmatched, you'll lose less balls.

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