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Green Day



Funnily enough, this is not a thread about a certain pretty decent rock band. Oh no. No, sir. This is a thread dedicated to what is fast becoming an epic outpouring of Bok support over here in SA.

In my hometown of Jeffrey`s Bay, the local primary school has already declared that pupils will be exempted from wearing their school uniforms on Friday. All in deference of wearing the green and gold colours, of course. COSATU, the exreme left-wing trade unionist faction in the ruling party alliance, and vociferous opponents of the Springbok emblem on many an occasion, has come out asking all of their members to wear green on Friday, in a show of solidarity and support for the Boks.

The chief whip of the ANC has expressed, in Parlaiment, the best wishes and unconditional support for the Boks. This follows closely on our deputy president visiting the Boks in Paris, where she gave what was by all accounts a very stirring speach to the Boks. Current President Thabo Mbeki, as well as former president Nelson Mandela, have already indicated that they will be in Paris for the final, Madiba most likely wearing a Bok no.2 jumper. And even our All Black-supporting Minister of Finance, has indicated that he`ll burn his AB`s jersey and start wearing the Bok one should we be successful in the final.

Manufacurers and suppliers of Bok replica jerseys can not stay ahead of orders as most jerseys are sold out, as the entire country rallies behind the cause of the Boks, in scenes reminiscent of 1995.

So, all that I ask of my fellow Saffas and Bok supporters, is to join in the Green Day movement by wearing- yup, you guessed it, your Bok best on Friday. "Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country!"
Lol, quite right RC, were good many a year ago, not anymore. Jesus of seberbia is a decent track though!
here in aus (behind enemy lines) i haven't taken my bok jersey off all week - it is starting to smell!!!

both eheheh

but most of the aussies here want england to get a hiding anyway, and are going for the boks