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Grip Mits

Grip Mits

  • They're like condom's, I never go in w/o them

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  • They're fadish and are only worn by women called Susan or Britney

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Okay, so Grip Mits. I've been considering buying them because, I certainly could use an aid to gripping the ball. They seem like an item that everyone would want to use but I only see maybe 1/5 of players wearing them. Why is that? Hook me up with some info.
I wear them, but it all depends on personal preferences and skill levels as to how useful they are.

When the ball is wet then they give you an extra level of grip which cannot be achieved with just bare hands.

However you need to have good ball handling skills and technique in the first place. If you can't catch or pass properly in the first place then no piece of kit is going to be any good to you.

Also depends on whether you are willing to give changing technology a chance, or believe that they are uncomfortable and will not give you any more confidence than you would usually have.
I wear a pair, only because they were free when I bought a ball, but they do help.

They don't half make your hands sweat though.

i've always had an interest in grip mitts, even at one stage looking at getting shocktop to sponser my club. Anyway started off with rugbytech, and they were allright for a first pair, then moved onto gilbert and canterbury and to be honest their shite (especially in the wet), then onto shocktop which were brilliant (except the actual gloves had to be wet, like soaking, before they would grip properly in the wet) but now i've invested in nomis grip mitts. They are the best by far!!!! Serisouly if you want to wear gloves, wear nomis. Having said that, I now go bare hands in dry conditions but in rainy or slippery conditions i go the gloves.
I do own a pair of gloves, but I've only ever used them in a game once when the rain was piashing it down and I thought they'd help with lineout throwing. Didn't make too much difference to be honest. Then again, I'm an old-school type player and I don't bother with any of that headgaurd/pads/mouthguard pish. I WANT TO FEEL THE PAIN!
I've had the same pair of Kooga K-Mitts for ages. Need some new ones really, the grip is wearing a bit thin, but I would recommend them as a good option.
I have owned a pair of Gilbert mitts for 2 season i think i used them for a few games but i didnt really think they made much diffrence. I might give them another go this season though
i have some for rainy conditions, i need to be able to grip the ball to get it out to my 10

but when its dry i dont like wearing them.. i guess its just my preferences

good though if you play in a wetter climate like when my season takes place

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