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  1. ak47

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    I dont need to say much

    April 29 2008

    and then i advise maybe a bib or a bucket to contain ur drule, and call in a nurse as u **** all over yourself x360 x360 - ps3 ps3

    not sure if any difference in ps3 v x360 previews, but threw them both out there, for all do just soak it in like a sponge

    Bring on April29

    My 2-up prowess will pay for this after April 25

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  3. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    I'm not usually a GTA fan, but I'm going to really sink my teeth into this when it comes out. I'll definitely play this through.
  4. dobrien7

    dobrien7 Guest

    The one game I'll pay full price for (so far).
  5. esoj

    esoj Guest

    yep some big news with release date being announced.

    now I have a bit of news too regarding which console actually caused the delay.
    Rockstar: PS3 "Contributing Factor" to GTA4 Delay
    by Aaron Linde Jan 24, 2008 2:39pm CST
    Rockstar product development VP Jeronimo Barerra has revealed that technical issues with the PS3 were partly to blame for last fall's delay of Rockstar North's Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3, X360).

    "It's really no surprise to anybody that the PS3 was definitely a contributing factor to that," Barerra told MTV. "Now, we're neck and neck. That's not an issue anymore. But back then that was something we were taking into account."

    I don't own either of the consoles so don't give a dam about which caused the delay but I do care there has been what will be a 5-6 month delay by the time the game launches.

    Games do get delayed sometimes for good reasons but other times it seems the game developer just does it becuase it is the cool thing to do now in the gaming world. In my opinion a big game like GTA should not be delayed in this day and certainly not missing the prime release window by 6 months.

    As a member of the paying public that buys games I am feeling ripped off when a game gets delayed for no apparent reason especially when a release date has already been announced. Other retailers can get pinged for false advertising or misleading information why not game developers too? I think they should have to prove why a lengthy delay of 6 months is needed for a product especially when a date for release has already been set. The paying public is getting robbed blind by the gaming industry and I think they should have some rules since it is our money they are playing with. We should have rights that protect us for purchasing gaming products and from being mislead deliberately by game companies not punished for believing what they say.
  6. Zonerunner

    Zonerunner Guest

    So, let me get this straight, you'd rather buy a incomplete game 6 months early rather than wait for a game that really shines?


    You forget that these teams work 9-5. Would you have them work 24 hours a day just to get it out on time. What happens to their rights? I'm a programmer. I know that games dont appear overnight. They require a lot of crunch time, and when things dont work out the way theyre supposed to, schedules get put back. I've never seen a game delayed because its the "cool" thing to do, only because a game obviously needs more development time to live up to the promise made in the original press releases. I'm not really sure why "making a game good" is a punishable offense...?

    Aaaanyways, i'll probably not be purchasing GTA IV, lest it goes back to the campy fun of III and Vice City. San Andreas and Vice City Stories somewhat ruined the franchise for me with its tones of overt-seriousness, and I feel like i've had my glut of sandbox titles. No doubt Dan will pick it up at launch though and no doubt I shall probe him for the information I seek before ultimately making my purchasing decision.
  7. jawmalawm24

    jawmalawm24 Guest

    I heard it was supose to come out last November but as usual they delay it yet again just like so many other things.

    So is that April 08 or 09 because usually they put a date out there than it actually comes out 6 months or a year later.
  8. chochome

    chochome Guest

    Since the first Grand Theft Auto i'm a big fan and i'm waiting for this one who gonna be amazing the first to exploit the next gen better than Assassins Creed !
  9. jawmalawm24

    jawmalawm24 Guest

    It better be good because it's the only reason why people would buy a Ps3 instead of an Xbox360.

    Now if it has online capabilities I'd be pulling sickies off work for sure that'll just be f****** awesome if they did it but I haven't seen anything on saying that it will be :( :( :( :(
  10. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    I think this will be a good game, but I doubt it will match the original GTA:1 or GTA:2

    Superb Games, GTA lost something when the switched to 3D from 2D
  11. The original GTA was the best one. With the orange monks. A gouranga waiting to happen.......... Brilliant.
  12. ak47

    ak47 Guest


    Grand Theft Auto III was without doubt one of the defining titles of last generation. The game's sprawling city, open mission structure, and tight presentation showed what that generation of consoles were capable of, word of mouth made the title a smash hit, and the open-world design went on to be one of the dominant game types of the generation. Scottish developer DMA Design (soon re-named Rockstar North) expanded and refined the formula over the two PS2 sequels, Vice City and San Andreas, developing more involved stories and sense of place, upping the feature list, and further smashing sales records. Rockstar North repeatedly showed they had what it took to stay ahead of the pack.

    Which brings us to the story of Grand Theft Auto IV. Almost seven years since the last numbered GTA, the gaming environment is now crowded with open-world games, with many other developers having nailed a version of the formula. After the two solid but unimaginative PSP/PS2 GTA Stories releases, the questions had to be asked – did Rockstar still have what it took to stay ahead in terms of ideas and designs? Another concern was that all the PS2 (and PSP) games were built on a middleware engine foundation, and many were wondering exactly how Rockstar would go with the first major game in the series developed from scratch on their own in-house tech. Rockstar San Diego's next-gen RAGE engine held promise but was unproven, with the only game having been released using the tech so far being Rockstar Presents Table Tennis. It was a nice little game, but hardly a showcase of grand design. When the bombshell dropped last year that Grand Theft Auto IV would miss its October release date, it seemed many of these fears may have had a basis in reality.

    With the recent announcement that Grand Theft Auto IV would be released worldwide on April 29, only three months away, at least it's not going to be a long wait to find out the answers to these questions. We recently had an opportunity to take a look at the latest build of Grand Theft Auto IV at Rockstar's offices, and we definitely left reassured. Grand Theft Auto IV is shaping up remarkably well, and Rockstar North look to still have everything it takes to stay ahead of the pretenders.

    The scale of the city really comes across when you're travelling by foot.

    Our demo began with a quick walk around the city. Main character Niko, a Russian immigrant with a criminal history, was at the docks on Liberty City harbour during sunrise, and his task was to meet a mechanic who had a job for him. After stealing a car (by breaking the window with his elbow and hot wiring it), Niko was off, and we got our first look at the city as he took a drive. The game didn't immediately jump out at us as better looking then your average next-gen game, as up-close textures and geometry looked good, but nothing mind-blowing. But soon we realised that this engine was very impressive. The draw distance was simply stunning, and there appeared to be some kind of focus filter so things don't have that 'unrealistically crystal clear at any distance' look of many high definition games. Add to this great art design, a strong lighting engine (highlighted by the rising sun over the harbour), fluid animation and physics for pedestrians and cars respectively, and a generally stable framerate, and it all came together to be one of the best, if not the best looking game we've yet seen on the HD consoles. But more about the graphics later.

    Niko arrived at the mechanics, and after leaving the car, we noticed another thing – the game seamlessly transitioned to the indoor environment without load time. Indoors didn't look quite as impressive, with some (relatively) blurry textures and polygon edges visible, but all this was worth the trade-off for interiors so well integrated into the game. A cut scene began, the mechanic (a try-hard underworld figure named 'Brucie') was working under a car, and after failing to respond to Niko's call he received a quick kick in the ribs. Here we realised three things. First, this game is as adult as they come, with plenty of swearing, realistic violence and references to everything unwholesome. Second, the voice acting, animation and direction of the cut scene was absolutely top-of-the-line for the industry. Dialogue matched the mouths of the characters better then we've seen before, the character movements were natural without the exaggeration usually present in videogame (and for that matter CG movie) body language, and the script was tight and amusing, very Goodfellas or Sopranos.

    The third thing we noticed was that Niko is quite an entertaining main character. Older, daggier, and more flawed then your average videogame 'hero', he's possibly one of the most original in years. He's a classic rough European gangster without being too much of a cliché, he's not cool in a clean-cut commercial sense, but still completely confident and bad-ass in his own way. He's also pretty hilarious, and over the period of the demo we watched him make verbal mincemeat out of many other characters, all in a delightful Russian accent. Rockstar promises he has some sort of 'dark secret', and that the main story thread of the game will be about him tracking down somebody from his past, but for everything else the game has to offer, watching Niko's reactions to events is one of the things we will be most looking forward to in the final game.

    The weather effects are fantastic.

    The job Brucie gave Niko was to 'take out' a certain individual, but in order to do this he must first be located by accessing the Police Database. And the easiest way to do this is to steal a cop car. This task achieved 'the easy way' (stealing the car from the front of the station), Niko was able to search for his hit and then follow on on-board GPS to the now helpfully marked destination. During the drive we witnessed yet more stunning views of the city, from various camera angles available, including a very cinematic ¾ overhead view. Niko also received a few mobile phone calls. These calls went unanswered as part of this demo, but will apparently need to be dealt with in the final game, or your friends and contacts will get annoyed at you for not answering, but will help you out in the future if you are a good contact.

    Arriving at the destination, no sooner had Niko knocked on the door then the target did a runner, jumping out a back window, and after jacking the nearest car the chase was on. While driving, you are able to smash a window and freely aim any weapon with the right stick, allowing you to take out the other car or anything else in your way. A head-on collision and dramatic fuel truck explosion later, Niko got out of the car and walked over to finish off the now-limping target, execution style. A short theme-tune signalled the mission was complete and the game had auto-saved.

    The next mission we were shown was given to Niko by a small-time African-American Gangster who called himself Playboy X. After another amusing cut scene, we were off to take out some troublesome union workers on a bay-side construction site on behalf of the Mafia. 'PX' comes along for the ride, giving Niko some weapons and details, and the first task was to climb an adjacent building and snipe the lookouts. After this was complete, Niko went in alone to finish off the workers, and this was when we first saw the new combat system at work. Playing very much like Gears of War or Uncharterd, the basic set-up in this mission involved moving between cover while aiming with the right stick. A context sensitive button allowed Niko to slide to cover, pop out to take aim, and even blind fire. Auto-aiming remains an option and was turned on in this demo, but controls will apparently be quite customisable in the final build. It all seemed very modern and fluid, and best of all was once again seamlessly integrated - pull out the gun and you're on. This level also allowed us to see the city and building site at night – cheat options in the build allowed us to see several weather types and times of day, and they all looked very atmospheric.

    Aiming weapons is much improved.

    The final mission we saw involved stealing a truck full of heroin from some suburban triads. Beginning by ambushing the well guarded truck in a delightfully authentic 'Sopranos New Jersey'-like setting, we watched the physics engine at work as Niko's grenades sent bodies flying. But the truck took off, signaling the start of an action set-piece where you must grab the back of the truck (by hitting a context sensitive button) and then climb over the top to take out the driver, Indiana Jones style. It was all very dramatic and highlighted a potential variety of gameplay in the final game.

    We mentioned we'd come back to the graphics, and it has to be said that while there are still a few issues with the build we saw, Grand Theft Auto IV is a huge achievement technically. The scale of the city is truly impressive, as you really can see for miles with over a realistic looking horizon. It's not aiming for complete realism, more like a stylistically shot movie, and the art direction and lighting really bring this home. Several areas of New York have been re-created amazingly faithfully (in fictional 'Liberty City' form, of course) and a quick run around the harbour by speedboat allowed us quite a good look at a large chunk of the game area - and it was a sight to behold. In this build there was still a bit of texture pop-in, some framerate hiccups particularly when turning a corner quickly, and some background shimmering, seemingly due to incomplete anti-aliasing. But even if the game were released in current form it would still be a great looking game, albeit buggy.

    We have to admit that while we enjoyed last generation's GTA games and understood their significance, we were never quite won over by the dated engine and clumsy aiming mechanics. Based on this demo, Grand Theft Auto IV looks likely to win us over. The seamless integration of modern shooting and driving gameplay, a seemingly complex mission structure, interesting characters and narrative, and an expansive, great looking city make this the most 'next-gen' game we've yet seen. If the whole game is this good, and the remaining kinks have been worked out by release, Rockstar North may have set the standard yet again.

    sounds pretty good thus far
  13. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    yep this game does sound good. And i would get a ps3 just because of this game, and because there is no Rugby announced on any next gen console (or anywhere) at the moment.

    April sounds like a good time for me to go looking for a console anyway :) I shoul dhave all my debts payed off by then :)
  14. GetMoney818

    GetMoney818 Guest

    This will most likely be THE GAME OF 08. i've heard some incredible stuff about this game and i cant wait til it comes out. matter fact, i suggest everyone to pre-order. when san andreas came out on xbox...i pre-ordered and saved the headache.
  15. chuckrugby

    chuckrugby Guest

    Oh wow... Can't wait... Played them all since the first one...
  16. dobrien7

    dobrien7 Guest

    Can't wait, had mine pre-ordered for a year now...
  17. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    Well, if you've got a psp this game is just one of the reasons you should consider one Woosaah. You can play your music, display, pics, videos and play games off your HDD of the PS3 onto your psp, using a feature called Remote Play. From anywhere that you get wireless connection. That's all the way right round the world if I remember right.

    Full size PS3 games like Grand Theft Auto IV won't be playable on your psp though due to memory restrictions.

    If you are talking about a Rugby game too, Woosaah, something to remember. One of the reasons HB Studios doubtlessly ditched the Xbox for PS2 and PC only was due to it having a much higher number of machines modded world-wide. That would apply in the Xbox 360/PS3 situation now too. Theres a growing number of modded/hacked Xbox 360's and ZERO PS3's modded or hacked.

    To be fair that probably won't play a part in HB Studios decisions this time round and an Xbox 360 version is highly likely, when you think another edition into the future, that'll probably be a factor. That's if they do announce a next-gen version is in production this year.

    Back to GTA IV, does anyone have confirmation of what the online game modes will be?
  18. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    cheers man, yeah, i am leaning towards a ps3, though i was a big fan of the xbox and like the 360.

    I am looking also more on the blu ray side of things as well, as it would rock with my new sound system and plazma telly.

    I think ill wait to see if there is a package deal of gtaiv and a ps3 together, which no doubt there will be :)
  19. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    Hell yeah, blu-ray really would be the icing on the cake for your set up there, it's absolutely stunning on a wide screen plasma or lcd.

    But, the 360 is the shiznit and even though I've had my problems with it Microsoft came through with the sun shining out of their asses when I went to them for help. (Free 1 year xbox live subscription, booyah!)
  20. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    I like the 360 too, I'm targeting being financial enough to get one by mid year, so I'll have both.
  21. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    well the reason i dont have a next gen system yet is because i am going to the states next week, and would like to keep my money for my holiday :)

    but definatly when i get back sometime :)

    depenidng on how much money i spend i may get one earlier than april... who knows!!! :)
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