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Guesstimate for Rugby 07 release date?



I know I have just mentioned this on another thread, but as I have seen someone else raising the release date elsewhere, I thought it was worthy of it's own topic. Basically, I just wanted to know when people think we will see Rugby 07? Assuming there will be a Rugby 07, surely it would have to be in the first 6 months of 2007 - February/March works for me! A game released to coincide with the World Cup would have to be Rugby 08? And I really can't see EA releasing 2 rugby games in the space of 12 months. So for me, we will see Rugby 07 in early 2007. Hope I'm right!
I'm inclined to agree. We usually hear something of the EA games about 6 months prior to release. Even just a little detail like that they are working on it.
We've heard nothing this time and it leads me to believe that we will be getting it close to World Cup time. I think we'll first get official news of the game in feb/march.

Mind you, it's all guessing so far.
theres no way EA will release 2 games in a 8 month window - although it will be sweet if they did
Never. It'll be Rugby 08.

Yeah im with Teh Mite. They most likely won't release a Rugby 2007 and instead release Rugby 2008 at the end of next year.
For my money I reckon that they will be releasing a Rugby-World Cup Edition in late, late '07. They will aim for a pre-world cup release date but have to delay the game and we won't see it until November of December. My fear is that they will leave it too late and end up delivering a half-arsed rushed edition that will be a step back.
If they release it around the RWC for hype and what not then it is not going to be Rugby 07. It would end up being Rugby 08 and that would be bad for those of us who are waiting here impatiently for a next gen version of 07 360 version to be exact!
I can't see a release for quite a while due to the fact that they will be putting a new version on xbox 360....and that takes a bit of work to do....so I am not that hopeful...if there is I can almost see it as being a disaster.

Never mind.
We need X360 version

for the benefit of the franchise itself

Hopefully the RWC timeframe gives them time to make a X360 version

I can tell you now with PS3 coming, once it out with wii & X360, anything on PS2 and Xbox will take the back seat - doesnt matter what is going on in the RWC.

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