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Guinness Premiership News -Dylan Hartley receives six-month ban

Eye gouging ay?!


He's not that kind of player for me, not that kind at all.

And Northampton players are always guilty, we've found that out all too often. I'm all for a conspiracy based on the fact that no one likes Barwell.
He pleaded not guilty to three charges, but was only cleared of one.

He has until some point tomorrow to appeal. I hope he does, and think he probably will.
Yeah, hopefully he will...but if he does appeal, and is once again found guilty, will his sentence be longer than before?
An appeal has been made, while the report from the comission has been made available:

RFU Report

The O'Connor and Worsley incidents sound very skeptical to me, made even worse by the fact that he has actually been charged for the first.

If the incident involving Haskell is true though, he is a very silly boy. I firmly believe he would never deliberately go out seeking to damage another player's eyes, but it sounds reckless to say to least.

What I don't understand is why the video evidence they are working from is not also made publically available alongside the report. Members of the public are allowed to go and observe the proceedings in a court of law, I don't see why the public cannot have access to all the evidence in this case as well.