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gum shields



i was browsing thru some articles on gum shields and i worry that mine are odne wrong. mine are the boil and bite types, and they do not cover 2 of my teeth at the back of the jaw, is this ok? can u guys post pics of ur "correct" ones?
same as mine, i dont cover the back two either, but its not really going to make a huge difference if you think about it, they wont come into contact with the lower teeth.
I've always heard that you should make sure to change your mouth guard annually depending on how much you use it. I get one for 20$ that's pretty decent.
ha i get a $1 or $2 job, i would reccomend the cheaper ones than the fancy ones.. hell most of the time i dont have it in i.e. at scrums and such i take it out to call a play, and when i kick.
I recomend getting a good one, because ultimately it's protecting more than your teeth...it's protecting your skull, brain, ect...
Research has shown that when properly fit, the mouth guard can help reduce the severity and incidenceof concussion related injuries cuased by the force of blows through the chin strap, face mask, and direct blows to the head. The mouth guard serves like a shock absorber deflecting shock from the player's Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) and ultimately the brain.[/b]

This brand is what the England National Team wears:

yea but in all honesty you dont need a $20 dollar job, you can get the same protection from a 2-4 dollar one..

its just the cushion between your teeth colliding that helps protect you from concussions, etc.

i usually wear a cheap old shock doctor for about 2 bucks..
thats well mate, having london irish in ur mouth all the time.. *stuffed!!!*

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