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Gunner's 08 kit thread.



Well i'm back to kitmaking. Could mods delete my old thread? (infact, a whole clean up or a new rugby 08 forum would be good I think.)

First kit I've done is Scotland. At the moment, here is a screen shot.

I need to finnish importing it, but the realease will include home and away kits for both normal test matches and the RWC.

I also will do the Japan shirt seeing as I have the template.

I also want to do the new Edinburgh and Glasgow kits.

All of my kits for rugby 06 that are still in use for this season I will upload to a new server.
Hello, I Noticed you had started the cardiff blues kit last season but never released it, and Csrtt815 wasnt sure if u had done or was planning on doing it, could u please finish it once uve finished? coz im fed up of playing with an age old kit :mad: heres what it should look like :

Ad links -
http://www.magnersleague.com ( for magners badge )

would that be possible? cheers
Gunner.. i am doing most of the unlicensed teams.. let me know what ones you plan on doing and we can avoid doing the same kits twice.

I have done..

Fiji, Samoa, Romania, Georgia, Wales, Portugal, Tonga.. but not Japan or Namibia yet.
Cardiff kit is done....I need to update the sponsors though but I'll get that uploaded.

I've also done Ulster so I can upload that soon.

Munster kit shouldn't take too long, basic template of all other Adidas kits.

The kits I plan to do are:

Alright, you go guys!!! I am holding out playing rugby 08 until your most awesome kits come out, so I can have at least a mildly satisfying rugby gaming experience. Keep up the good work :)
Well, the beauty is that i can contribute to the 08 patching by patching 06.
i moved it into the rugby 08 mod forum, not going to delete your old one or remove it from being stickied as people might still want your 06 stuff :)
Well that's the useless SRU for you.

I actually did the Edinburgh shirt last night/this morning so I shall finnish off the numbers and such like tomorrow when I am back from paintballing with my teammates.
Ok, back from paintball and rather sore.

Here's a screenie of the Edinburgh kit, then I shall upload that and Scotland kits!

brilliant, but can i ask whats different about the Scotland kits tot he ones already on the game?
Well, I've made the grip pannels more subtle and true to the real jersey, there were some tiny wee differnces between the EA kit and real kit in terms of template, i've sorted out the color taken away the Famous Grouse sponsor and put the the CCC and SRU logo in a slightly better position.

Really just neatened the EA kit up and correct the mistakes.
great job edinburghs kit is nice, lookin forward to cardiff's keep up the good work :cheers:
yeh thanks alot EG, you've probibly increased my usage of Embra on that game by 700% with the new kit. Are you planning on making a mini kit for the select screen and a new badge instead of that stupid bullet logo?
just played with the Scotland kit, defenite improvement. Are you planning to add the Murray sponsor logo?
Yeah, but only once i've seen it on the jersey itself as I'm not sure how it'll be set out and such.
Are you planning on making a mini kit for the select screen and a new badge instead of that stupid bullet logo for Edinburgh?
Yes, when I can find it.

The thing that disapoints me is the jagged collar of the Scotland kit. Because of the EA player model I had to make part of the kit transparant, but I cannot use the smooth anti-allias PNG in a fsh file.