Half Game rule to be introduced by RFU for all U8 - U18's games

Discussion in 'Premiership Rugby / Premiership Cup' started by Tigs Man, Apr 21, 2019.

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    Not sure I agree with it at Colts level. But I do agree with it on the whole.

    But it has brought out such gems as
    Stephen Jones -
    "But I do believe I understand the mindset of young rugby players. I always thought it vital to get to know youngsters as individuals before we bothered with a single drill. I am certain the move will be counter-productive and will anger more people than it keeps in the game. Beware in these crucial age groups, the law of unintended consequences. Do not patronise the lads."

    The same Stephen Jones who threatens to sue people on Twitter.....

    Not sure the issue is with making sure everyone gets good game time.
    The only players and coaches who will get angry are the assholes that the sport could do without the OTT coaches thinking they are coaching England and their arsehole star players who get found wanting as soon as they reach seniors.

    Hated seeing some people who used to put 100% into their training and loved the game only to have it beaten out of them by coaches who would never pick them just because they are not naturally as gifted as others.
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    Also some people simply peak later. Early on raw natural talent and size can make you the best but later on those who do more work in will overtake them, unless of course they got disillusioned with the game before that time.

    I can remember school sports though, used to be one of those last picked and one day did a relay and blitzed everyone. Others seemed surprised but I said I'd always been that fast just nobody cared because I wasn't one of the popular kids. All in favour of kids who put in the effort being given game time and a chance to prove themselves.
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    As someone who has always been more about application than talent, I quite like it. Even if none of us were the players left out, I think we’ve all seen/can relate to it.

    A lot of coaches have a win at all costs mentality which is completely at odds with the level their teams are playing at and as Tigs said, I think there are more players who are likely to leave the game because they’re disillusioned, than those who will be browned off at not getting a full 80mins.
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