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    Sep 25, 2006
    Full Name: Andrew Mehrtens [​IMG]
    D.O.B: 28 April, 1973
    Position: Fly Half
    Country: New Zealand (70 caps, 967 points)
    Clubs: Canterbury, Crusaders, Harlequins, Toulon and Racing Métro 92

    Those stats should say anything about Andrew Mehrtens, there is so much to say about this player that i cant remember everything. He had great rugby lineage with his father Terry playing for the Junior All Blacks and his grandfather George being an All Black.

    Mehrtens grew up in Christchurch and played for Christchurch Boys High before going to Christchurch Old Boys when he left school. A great place to start as a lot of Canterbury players have come from the Old Boys club. He earned his first New Zealand representive strips in the U19 and U21 New Zealand teams. Whis his first season in 1994 for Canterbury in the NPC he showed he had alot of promise and that earned a call up to the All Blacks in 1995 against Canada. He had a personal haul of 28 points which was a record at the time later broken by Simon Culhane only a month later in the 95 World Cup.

    He stared in the World Cup narrowly missing the final drop goal to clinch the title, in the epic final which was marred by contraversy with the aledged food poison

    ing scandal, that drop goal would have won the Cup for the All Blacks but it ended up going to extra time where Joel Stransky kicked the winning goal after about a million chances each.

    Mehrtens was a big part of the Crusaders team also who won the 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002 titles and also featured in the winning 2005 team mainly off the bench with a few starts.

    Mehrtens will always be known, to me anyway, as one of the best fly halves I have ever seen in real life or on TV, and will always be a crowd favourite no matter who he plays for because of his playful nature. He is always keen for a joke around. Whilst playing in England for Harliquins, Merhtens helped them move into the first division after they were relegated the year before. He will play for them again in the coming season, hoping to make them a threat for the upcoming season. Merhtens is with Racing Métro 92 in France.

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