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    Full Name: Naas Botha [​IMG]
    D.O.B: 27 February, 1958
    Position: Fly Half
    Country: South Africa (28 caps, 312 points)
    Clubs: Rugby Rovigo and Northern Transvaal

    Played for South Africa from April 26 1980 till Novenber 14 1992

    He would have score more points if South Africa wasn't isolated because of apartheid.
    He was nicknamed Nasty Booter by the Brithish press when the Brithish Lions tour South Africa.
    Naas Botha was best remembered for his abilities as a very successful drop-kicker in high pressure sitsuations and also consider to have had an outstanding tactical understanding of rugby.

    While Botha was sometimes criticized for avoiding physical contact and not running with the ball, his handling of the ball was very deft and he could get his backline moving very quickly with accurate short and long range passing. As a result, he scored many tries and contributed to many more. However, some consider that he was somewhat weak in defence. Article and nomination by Huckleberry

    Played:28 Matches
    Test Points:312
    Drop Goals:18

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