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Goth Power

Anyone got anything planned?

Me and my bird are having a halloween fancy dress party.

Free bar, live music, DJ, fancy dress, food etc.

Anyone in the UK fancy coming down to Northampton for it then your more than welcome just let me know.

I shall upload photo's once its happened for those who are too grumpy to go.

It is this Saturday (28th), and shall start at half 7 and finish at half 12.

If your interested PM me or MSN me.

P.S You have you dress up! :p
Not doing anything for halloween. Far too old for that cack now.

Never too old for Hallowe'en, had a great time last year, dressed up as a mummy, well I say dressed up we went to the shop and got 2 roles of toilet paper and had a bet on how long it would last the drunker I got. Surprisingly it made it till 1am, quite impressive tbh.

lmao @ An Tarbh.

Thank you for the invite Ben, was very kind.

With regards to Halloween, going to be a party pooper and say I absolutely despise it. Always have, always will. Refuse to celebrate it totally.
Great thing about Hallowe'en is that it's a festival that hasn't been butchered by Hallmark, there's still plenty of tradition involved, yes it has its bad sides i.e. cats on bonfires but it's just a night where you have a decent time with your mates and you can make an arse of yourself. What more do you need
i hate halloween, never liked it, thankfully ill be in spain, nd i dont think they do it over there.
it just felt strange being abroad in the buildup to Hallowe'en, no fireworks, no buildup at all, but at least we set that right by having our own party, doesn't really seem to be a British thing though or is that off the mark? Thought Guy Fawkes was your big thing?
The goth kids love the Halloween. It's the only time of the year that everyone else dresses like them. It feels good to be included, if only for one night.
I'm just sick of hearing people say "I love Halloween more than Christmas." To any of you, I will say this: "You're a twat."

No offense...look...here's a dancing bannana:
haha well said

halloween sucks dick,

i hate all these stuped little ******** who proper get excited about it, what the big deal its f***ing noncesense, same as bonfire night
**** ****

give me the eistedffod any day!!!!!
suppose when it's a proper part of your culture you care about it a bit more, sure there's plenty of Irish still apathetic to it though.
i cant wait for halloween because i get to clean the eggs off the house the next day.

over here halloween is only for little kids, maoris, and the kinda people that will run you outta town if you look at them strange (skinheads) :lol: just another day in invercargill
I really wanted to get on the chop and go drunk trick or treating, unfortunately I have my final exams on the 2nd 4th and 6th. Not only will I have a boring Haloween, I will probably get no sleep before my exam on the 6th because of Guy Fawkes.
oh yeah guy fawkes, i think i will get no fireworks again this year (dont like that dont see the point of burning money away where i can just look out the window)

as for halloween, been out once in my years. dont even remember it, dont even know if i dressed up.

try my best to make it look like i am not home ;)
oh yeah guy fawkes, i think i will get no fireworks again this year (dont like that dont see the point of burning money away where i can just look out the window)
You Suck.

And Halloween = Communism. It's just an excuse to redistribute wealth (in the form of Candy), so all the poor kids who can't afford it can have some.

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