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halo 2 PC



I read somewhere yesterday, i think it could have been gamespot or hardocp or something cant remember, but they were getting close to announcing more stuff about it. aparently the graphics are about the same, just in a higher resolution. and the online content you can actually play against the xbox live players. now if this happens it would be great imo. The only problem is that i feel the pc players might have a bit of an advantage, just because of the range of movement the mouse and keyboard has over a gamepad.

but it could be just a romour :)

edit - just read on bungie you cant play against xbox live people, i tend to beleive them :)

also if you go here


it tells you about it.

another cool fact is that halo2 is specifically for Vista (i forgot about that i need more ram before i upgrade to vista)

and if you buy a copy of crackdown with the thing in the bottom right hadn corner in the image the you could become a halo3 game tester.


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