Happy New Year

Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by Caledfwlch, Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Caledfwlch

    Caledfwlch Guest

    :bana: :bana: :bana: :bana: :bana: :bana: HAPPY NEW YEAR TRF PEOPLE! HERES TO MANY MORE OF THE SAME WACKY TIMES!

    :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
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  3. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    <div align="center"> :buddies: :buddies: :buddies: :buddies: :buddies: :buddies: :buddies: :buddies: :buddies: :buddies: :buddies: :buddies: :buddies: :buddies: :buddies: :buddies: :buddies: :buddies: :buddies: :buddies: </div>
  4. Vambo

    Vambo Guest

    Happy New Year everyone :)
  5. happy new year! what did everyone get up to?

    i worked until 3 which sucked, but when i finnished i sat out on the deck, with a beer in hand, a bit a pink floyd, rolling stones, tom petty, led zeppelin on the radio, swore at the neigbours and the cat. as dumb as it sounds, sitting out on the deck, drinking untill 5 in the morning by yourself is actually quite fun and relaxing.
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