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Have you grown out of soccerball and fallen in love with rugby?



redunderthebed: In regards to the Glory, it's called stigma, no matter what the case may actually be the common conception is still there....

50 points down near the end of the 4th quarter and acting like a lunatic isn't passion, it's just yelling for the sake of it. I have a mate who is like that, basically he gives me **** because I don't act like him and go nuts for teams I don't even support and just get rip roaring drunk and yelling at a tv at every occasion....I actually watch the game and cheer when something of value is actually done.....yelling as loud as you can in an entirely stupid fashion isn't passion, that's just being a bloody drongo...


Well on the topic of A-League and Football, with this whole expansion thing.. do you think they are rushing into creating more teams, especially in Sydney and Melbourne?

Stats of A league crowds, 2007-08? (Team - Citys Populations - Average Crowd Attendance)

Melbourne Victory - 3,806,092 - 26,064
Queensland Roar - 1,857,594 - 16,954
Sydney FC - 4,336,374 - 16,365
Newcastle Jets - 523,662 - 13,209
Central Coast Mariners (Gosford) - 301,551 - 12,741
Adelaide United - 1,158,259 - 12,697
Wellington Phoenix - 379,000 - 11,683
Perth Glory - 1,554,769 - 7,596

Haha funny that, the Roar got bigger average crowds than Sydney with less than half the population and they want to put a second team in Sydney?

Two new teams will come in - they will be based in Gold Coast and Townsville, with populations of 583,657 and 157,174 respectively, and after the success of the ***ans I'm pretty confident the new GC side will rack will 10k+ even 15k+, and with the Townsville crop loving there Cowboys, I can see them backing a soccer team.

Some interesting stats there especially the low Perth Glory crowds, I've wondered why they have done poorly there, guess I've found out above.. but they desperately need a big rectangle stadium to share with the Force and same with Adelaide Utd.

Perhaps Canberra could get a sniff of a team, with a population of 400,000 .. Maybe even an AUCKLAND get get a team back there or even Hobart with a population of 200,000.

I was bored.. but, I think its stupid Melbourne and Sydney could get two more teams when Sydney dont get rack in a big crowd compared to other teams, and there are other cities that deserve teams more. [/b]

Have you ever being to hindmarsh stadium? its brilliant it might not be the biggest in the country BUT its specifically built for football and it shows with the views you get even in the cheap seats.However a 25-30,000 seater modelled on hindmarsh stadium and up to standard that the NRL and whatever form the new ARC takes would be happy with.

I think the cities that should get the next teams are...
North Queensland
Gold Coast

North Queensland and Gold Coast are *shoe-ins* for 2009-10 if they get stadium and financial issues sorted out.With dairy farmers being a good stadium and Gold Coast now just opened their new stadium stadia shouldnt be an Issue.The big issue is money as with all new ventures but i think they will sort it out.Its a stroke of genius in hindsight that the FFA delayed expansion to 2009-10 past the original date of 2008-09.

Wollongong is the next most likely if either fall over and there has being no noises on a Canberra club but we should have one in the nations capital fill the gap of summer perfectly there. :)

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