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Have You Tried Imo???


St Helens RLFC

If not, why not?

Welcome to IMO, the newest way of getting your point across.

Ever fancied a bit of writing, but have never been able to do it? Never fancied writing, but still want to have a go anyway? Got something on your chest about a cheat of a referee, or a player who doesn't pull his weight?

Get it down and get it in IMO! Everyone is welcome to have a go, all you have to do is write and get your piece to either:

Me, via PM

or by e-mail [email protected]

IMO is waiting for you right here...

It's to ensure that all the spelling and grammar is correct.

Mostly to ensure it's of a suitable nature, but saintsfan_247 decided to post his own and that worked out fine so I wouldn't have any objections to it, although it's a waste of a yahoo e-mail address....
well then I'd say for anyone who isn't comfortable with their grammar and spelling to send their article to you but otherwise just post away.
I agree - if you're confident, post it, if not, PM or e-mail it to me.

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