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Heineken Champions Cup 22/23 - Rd 1

Ulster suck, no cap no cap. They're so toothless in the pack without Duane. They're unfortunately always am injury or two away from being a pretty weak pack.
Sale look almost the complete package, wonder if Ford will add that killer instinct which looks to be the only thing lacking, honestly looking at Manu and the fact that he is off injured with concussion you can hardly call it passive.
Great line from Curtis

Really like Rob changing the direction last second on attacking plays, lead to two tries now
Ulster really are rubbish today.

Actually Lowry has been good IMO but Burns once again showing he isn't up to Champions Cup level
Bloody hell, visibility about 3 yards in Munster - they should have some flares on top of the posts so the kickers know where they're aiming
munster game has fog, apparently there is no sun in London and saracens has off brand lights?
Started very hot with Beirne and Coombes being really good and have fallen off a bit since. Casey has been quite poor imo.

10-10 a fair score so far. Been a heavyweight European game. Haley has been MOTM so far, I have no idea why they kick so freely to him.

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