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Heineken Champions Cup 22/23 - Round of 16

Didn't he say "could" but they're all pussies?
Skim read the article earlier and vaguely remember he said his main job was to toughen up the players cause they're all wimps or something

Though either way Mata vs Wiese is a lopsided physicality contest mindset or not

Ahh yeh he says should

TBF Hamish Watson stood out massively carrying wise and work rate.
Good Munster try.

But the stadium looks only 1/4 full. Disappointing.
Men against boys in the physicality stakes,
Sharks are monsters
I feel for Archer. A 35-year-old tighthead having to play 60+ minutes in that heat against that pack is cruel. Could really become a factor in the late stages of the game.
The mini water park behind the in goal area is great,
Has anyone ever dived in after a try?
Worst pass ever?

Absolutely shocking - three men unmarked to his left and he throws an insane blind over the shoulder loop to noone to his right
This scoreline could get a bit hairy…
Fully rested mostly-Springbok side, at home, is always gonna super strong if they get their heads on straight tbf
Thats harsh on a fellow Irish province
Ah they're very frustrating. They produce their fair share of talent, not on the same level as Leinster but better than Ulster and Connacht, and never really make it count.

Sharks definitely came to play and they're a team I'm excited about / wary of in the URC when they make it work (reckon the Heineken Cup is a bit of a steeper learning curve but we'll see). But I reckon today's quality performance needs to be closer to their average than their peak for them to be the powerhouse they're capable of being.
Better to Retain possession if Haley doesn’t kick that it’s almost certainly a Sharks lineout, commentary just seems to ignore the obvious at times.
12 tries pretty mad for a euro knockout

Would make the old 3-6-9-12 days of a ROG led Munster sick to their stomachs
Playing in nearly 30 degree heat feels a bit weird for European Rugby.

I know heat training can help but going from 10 degrees in Ireland to 30 degrees in South Africa must be tough.

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