Heineken Cup 07/08 fixtures

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    Heineken Cup fixtures announced30 July 2007, 2:00 pmEuropean club rugby's premier tournament, the Heineken Cup, will kick-off with an absorbing contest between the reigning champions London Wasps and the 2006 champions Munster.The clash of the immediate past and present Heineken Cup winners should provide an exciting start to the tournament on the weekend of 9 / 10 / 11 November which will see nine matches broadcast live on television with a wealth of Heineken Cup action for fans to savour. The first four rounds of the tournament will see increased television coverage with at least 33 Heineken Cup matches being shown live on television by ERC's broadcast partners. The fixtures for the first Round 1 of the competition will also see Friday night action at Ravenhill, where 1999 winners Ulster Rugby will host Gloucester Rugby, and at Stade Aime Giral, where Perpignan take on Newport Gwent Dragons while the beaten 2007 finalists and former double champions Leicester Tigers will travel to Dublin to face Leinster – the Irish top seeds – on Saturday.

    The fixtures, dates, kick-off times and host TV broadcasters for the opening Rounds, released by ERC today (Monday, 30 July), also see Magners League champions the Ospreys launch their bid to make the knock-out stages for the first time with a home tie against Bourgoin.

    Harlequins, back in the tournament after a two-year absence, mark their return with a trip to France to face French champions Stade Français Paris while Glasgow Warriors, the Scottish top seeds, travel to Saracens and Italian champions Benetton Treviso will also be on the road when they go to London Irish.

    Details of the additional TV coverage of Rounds 1 to 4 by ERC's broadcast partners, Sky Sports, France Televisions, Canal Groupe, S4C and RTE, including all live, delayed and highlights broadcasts, will be announced shortly. The fixture dates and kick-off times for Rounds 5 and 6 will be announced at a later date.

    HEINEKEN CUP 2006 / 2007


    POOL 1: Benetton Treviso; London Irish; Perpignan; Newport Gwent Dragons
    POOL 2: Ospreys; Gloucester Rugby; Bourgoin; Ulster Rugby
    POOL 3: Stade Français Paris; Bristol Rugby; Cardiff Blues; Harlequins
    POOL 4: Glasgow Warriors; Saracens; Biarritz Olympique Pays Basque; Viadana
    POOL 5: London Wasps; ASM Clermont Auvergne; Llanelli Scarlets; Munster
    POOL 6: Leinster; Leicester Tigers; Toulouse; Edinburgh Rugby

    (All kick-offs LOCAL times)

    ROUND 1

    Friday 9 Nov Pool 1Perpignan v Newport Gwent Dragons21.00 Canal+Sport / Sky Sports* Pool 2Ulster Rugby v Gloucester Rugby20.00 Sky Sports

    Saturday 10 Nov Pool 1London Irish v Benetton Treviso 15.00 - Pool 2Ospreys v Bourgoin 17.30 S4C* / Sport+ / Sky Sports* Pool 3Stade Francais Paris v Harlequins 14.35 Canal+ Pool 4Viadana v Biarritz Olympique 14.30- Pool 5London Wasps v Munster 17.30 Sky Sports / Sport+** Pool 6Edinburgh Rugby v Toulouse 15.30 Sky Sports / FR2 Pool 6 Leinster v Leicester Tigers 13.30 Sky Sports
    Sunday 11 Nov Pool 3 Cardiff Blues v Bristol Rugby 13.00 Sky Sports Pool 4 Saracens v Glasgow Warriors 15.00 - Pool 5 ASM Clermont Auvergne v Llanelli Scarlets 16.00 FR2 / Sky Sports

    ROUND 2
    Friday 16 Nov Pool 2Gloucester Rugby v Ospreys 20.00 Sky Sports Pool 2Bourgoin v Ulster Rugby 21.00 Canal+Sport / Sky Sports* Pool 4Glasgow Warriors v Viadana 19.30 -
    Saturday 17 Nov Pool 1Newport Gwent Dragons V London Irish 13.30 S4C* / Sky Sports Pool 1Benetton Treviso v Perpignan 14.30 - Pool 3Harlequins v Cardiff Blues 15.30 Sky Sports Pool 4 Biarritz Olympique v Saracens 16.30 FR2 Pool 5Llanelli Scarlets v London Wasps 17.30 Sky Sports Pool 6Leicester Tigers v Edinburgh Rugby 15.00 -
    Sunday 18 Nov Pool 3Bristol Rugby v Stade Francais Paris 15.00 Sky Sports / FR2 Pool 5 Munster v ASM Clermont Auvergne 13.00 Sky Sports / Sport+ Pool 6 Toulouse v Leinster 21.00Canal+ / Sky Sports

    ROUND 3
    Friday 7 December Pool 2Ospreys v Ulster Rugby 20.00 S4C* / Sky Sports* Pool 2Bourgoin v Gloucester Rugby 21.00 Canal+Sport Pool 6 Leinster v Edinburgh Rugby 20.00 Sky Sports
    Saturday 8 December Pool 1Benetton Treviso v Newport Gwent Dragons 14.30 - Pool 3 Harlequins v Bristol Rugby 15.00 - Pool 4 Saracens v Viadana 15.00 - Pool 5ASM Clermont Auvergne v London Wasps 14.35 Canal+ / Sky Sports Pool 5Llanelli Scarlets v Munster 17.30 Sky Sports Pool 6Leicester Tigers v Toulouse 15.30 Sky Sports / FR2
    Sunday 9 December Pool 1London Irish v Perpignan 15.00 - Pool 3Stade Francais Paris v Cardiff Blues 16.00 FR2 / Sky Sports Pool 4Glasgow Warriors v Biarritz Olympique13.00 Sky Sports / Sport+
    ROUND 4

    Friday 14 December Pool 2Ulster Rugby v Ospreys 20.00 Sky Sports Pool 4 Biarritz Olympique 21.00 Canal+Sport / Sky Sports*
    Saturday 15 December Pool 1 Newport Gwent Dragons v Benetton Treviso14.30 - Pool 1Perpignan v London Irish 16.30 FR2 Pool 2 Gloucester Rugby v Bourgoin 15.00 - Pool 3 Cardiff Blues v Stade Francais Paris 13.35 S4C* / Canal+ / Sky Sports Pool 4Viadana v Saracens 14.30 - Pool 5London Wasps v ASM Clermont Auvergne 17.30 Sky Sports / Sport+ Pool 6 Edinburgh Rugby v Leinster 15.30 Sky Sports

    Sunday 16 December Pool 3Bristol Rugby v Harlequins 15.00 - Pool 5Munster v Llanelli Scarlets 13.00 Sky Sports Pool 6Toulouse v Leicester Tigers 16.00 FR2 / Sky Sports
    * Highlights
    ** Delayed

    ROUND 5
    11 / 12 / 13 JANUARY, 2008
    Pool 1 London Irish v Newport Gwent Dragons
    Pool 1 Perpignan v Benetton Treviso
    Pool 2 Ospreys v Gloucester Rugby
    Pool 2 Ulster Rugby v Bourgoin
    Pool 3 Stade Français Paris v Bristol Rugby
    Pool 3 Cardiff Blues v Harlequins
    Pool 4 Saracens v Biarritz Olympique
    Pool 4 Viadana v Glasgow Warriors
    Pool 5 ASM Clermont Auvergne v Munster
    Pool 5 London Wasps v Llanelli Scarlets
    Pool 6 Leinster v Toulouse
    Pool 6 Edinburgh Rugby v Leicester Tigers

    ROUND 6
    18 / 19 / 20 JANUARY, 2008
    Pool 1 Newport Gwent Dragons v Perpignan
    Pool 1 Benetton Treviso v London Irish
    Pool 2 Gloucester Rugby v Ulster Rugby
    Pool 2 Bourgoin v Ospreys
    Pool 3 Bristol Rugby v Cardiff Blues
    Pool 3 Harlequins v Stade Français Paris
    Pool 4 Biarritz Olympique v Viadana
    Pool 4 Glasgow Warriors v Saracens
    Pool 5 Munster v London Wasps
    Pool 5 Llanelli Scarlets v ASM Clermont Auvergne
    Pool 6 Toulouse v Edinburgh Rugby
    Pool 6 Leicester Tigers v Leinster
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