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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Henry Penry, Aug 1, 2007.

  1. Henry Penry

    Henry Penry Guest

    Can someone pleaze tell me how to edit players?
    what programs to use and such stuff.
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  3. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Use Woosaah's editor for editing player names, stats and positions and who you want in each squad. Then go to the game and you can change the line-ups. You can do it in the editor, but sometimes i find you get errors and your work won't save properly.

    To edit graphics, you need fshED (importing .fsh files), Dolffin or BigGUI (to extract .big files) and a copy of photoshop or something as good to actually make your graphics in bmp.
  4. Henry Penry

    Henry Penry Guest

    Yes but if i wana edit say Luke Watson's face ok, where can i find his face that i can edit?oh and its for rugby 08 sory i didnt tell.
    thanx man...
  5. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    No idea about faces Penry. If you want to, use the woosaah editor (when it comes out for 08) and you should be able to match faces/heads up with templates in the game. That's all i do.. ok it's not great, but it's not too bad actually.
  6. dzha061

    dzha061 Guest

    hey fa'atau is woosahs old editor working for rugby 08 the stats and names part?
  7. EVOL

    EVOL Guest

    to find the faces you need to open and look in all the head files that are extracted form the data.gob and note down who they are heres a list i made for 06 and most still work for 08

  8. is it?
  9. please ignore the last msg, iv fond it now :D
  10. Rockstar

    Rockstar Guest

    Hey Woosaah or anyone who can help me...............

    I used wDOLFFIN2.1.b & BigGui to extract the Sharks kit files:

    Home Kit: 4e17350bc09ad8696b882907d5660ca0.big
    Away kit: 75cd49b0d24bab6b8156663d1969a527.big

    I want to change the Sharks home kit's pants.....from white to black because they never wore white pants.


    1) I opened the rugby 08 data file using BigGui, then exported both files 4e17350bc09ad8696b882907d5660ca0.big & 75cd49b0d24bab6b8156663d1969a527.big

    2) I opened the away kit using wDOLFFIN2.1.b, opened the png file in photoshop, copied the pants section and saved the pants pic.

    3) I exported the home kit, opened the png file in photoshop, took the pants pic I saved from their away kit and pasted it over the home kits pants.

    4) Then I imported the kit.png file back into the 4e17350bc09ad8696b882907d5660ca0.big using wDOLFFIN2.1.b.

    5) Then I used the BigGui and imported the new 4e17350bc09ad8696b882907d5660ca0.big file back into the data file of rugby 08, compressed the new 4e17350bc09ad8696b882907d5660ca0.big file.

    But when I go to play a game the Sharks still have their white shorts in home games!!??

    I'm obviously not doing something right...can anyone please help me out?

    (one more thing...when i try save the 4e17350bc09ad8696b882907d5660ca0.big file once Iv'e imported the new kit.png file, when I press "save as"....there is no file type to select from...its blank. So when I save the file size is 0kb.) So I dont save but it seems to be updated because when I close wDOLFFIN2.1.b and reopen it and open the edited 4e17350bc09ad8696b882907d5660ca0.big file and check the has the new png file which i edited.)

    Thanks a lot guys.....
  11. Rockstar

    Rockstar Guest

    Dont worry sorted out my question above.

    My next question.......

    How do you edit the teams kit so it shows u correctly on the "Teams Select" screen. The Sharks pants are still white on this screen but black when you play the game.

    How can we edit it so its also black on the "Teams Select" Screen? Which file do we edit?
  12. EVOL

    EVOL Guest

    damn buddy, is it neccessary to copy and paste the same post into almost every thread in the forum
  13. Rockstar

    Rockstar Guest

    Sorry EVOL, was just nervous nobody would respond. :( Thanks for the help again re: my first question.

    Wont happen again......can u assist me with my other question...the "Team Select" screen question?
  14. EVOL

    EVOL Guest

    yeah its like the minikits for 06 youve got to find them amongst all files youve exported from data.gob and edit them

    its just so time consuming im not even gonna bother finding them lol
    someone else probably will tho
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