Help for NH teams, italians and french teams

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by anthonynail1, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. anthonynail1

    anthonynail1 Guest

    Hello french and italian people.

    Ozzy 's making a very realistic roster with the real team names, faces, stats and roster for a better game.

    He edit a lot of team but he can't change french and italians teams because he don't known the european rosters, the rela palyers names and he can't evaluate stat.
    Please help us to do THE roster which can improve this game (Rugby 08).

    click on the link for know more :

    ozzy roster
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  3. kinu

    kinu Guest

    Hello there...

    I'm french (as U are !) and if U've any question about french team rosters, I'm here ! No prob !

    Just ask.. and I'll do (or try to ! :) )

  4. i've added all the french clubs transfers in the topic "player transfer/roster " page 5 ...
    i could help a bit for the stats if u need.
  5. ozzy

    ozzy Guest

    Hey Titus, I saw that info, unfortunately a lot of the names in those list only have the last name and so are very difficult to use. Also no positions are given, or is that them on the side written in French?!! Thanks for your efforts though.
  6. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    I'm releasing my roster patch for '06 on start day of the RWC.

    I'll try to get some squads up on here.
  7. ozzy

    ozzy Guest

    Oooh can't wait for it Fa'atau, been working on Stade France and Toulouse, but it's tough with all the fake names and dupes floating about, each of them are only about 70% done and the remaining French and Italian teams are looking like a real mission :(
    If I still haven't finished it by the time you release do you mind if I pillage your rosters to update my own. Full credit to you of course :D
  8. Have You Done All Welsh Teams And Scotish? You Can Get the Squads For Italians of wikipedia, but i'm really sure of the stats, its likley though that most of the plays still play for calvisano and treviso, and they'll ave there fakes name? I'll Have A Look And Help You out if you want?, also having the real french and italian international squad helps because u can put say the star dominici into stade francais, and people like bergamasco and replace the fake one with them, because when you go on the rosters the real players from international have no club so you can just put them into the clubs =]
  9. G.Faulise G.Faliva
    F.Sdaraghini F.Sbaraglini
    S.Canasta S.Costanzo
    A.Grotto A.Gritti
    E.Perrelli E.Pavanello
    D.Da Mado D.Dal Maso
    S.Paul S.Palmer
    S.Grotto S.Gritti
    A.Trumpton A.Troncon
    A.Marchino A.Marcato
    D.Byllan D.Dallan?
    S.Lagg S.Legg
    M.Dillon M.Dallan
    B.Wallace B.Williams
    M.Gucci M.Goosen
    A.Toledo A.Tejeda
    A.Allure A.Allori
    A.CerysElla ?
    D.Kane D.Kingi
    W.Polterbon W.Pozzebon
    S.Paulini S.Picone
    G.Palaza G.Pizarro
    P.Da Senta P.Di Santo
    M.Wendell M.Wentzel
    W.Warm ?
    S.Olivia S.Orlando
    M.Pariso M.Perziano
    T.Vincenzo T.Visentin
    P.Colanchi ?
    M.Barbeo M.Barbini
    This the right names for Treviso, but some players are not more there if u need I can make a list and posting it

    S.Penguini S.Perugini
    A.Morissi A.Moretti
    V.Bernbauo V.Bernabo
    J.Paul J.Purli
    R.Mandellini R.Mandelli
    M.Zefer M.Zaffiri
    P.Friggen P.Griffen
    L.Bleauxis ?
    E.Muller ?
    C.Zanollini C.Zanoletti
    M.Rissolo M.Ravazzolo
    G.Da Garli G.Decarli
    G.Ontippa G.Intoppa
    E.Candito ?
    P.Partuzi P.Patelli
    P.Vincenzo P.Visentin
    N.Cartoni N.Cattina
    G.Bercco G.Bocca
    M.Nugent M.Nguamo
    A.Voga Donair A.VigneDonati
    M.Carboni M.Cagnoni
    G.Renieri G.Raineri
    J.Von Schwartz ?
    A.Tota Vida A.Tuta Vodo
    These are the correct names for Brescia Calvisano, someone are not more there if u want I can make a list and posting it

    Tell me for which players u need statistics and I will give u straight away.

    What about the new patch is it ready, if yes please send it to
    Thank u

    Grat respect and tribute to Ozzie, Fa'atau and Whosaaa

  10. you can have mine if you want (pm your email). i've changed many players name in the french teams but not updated the roster (too crap having to switch players instead of just pick and drop) f*** EA !!!
  11. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Ozzy, i only updated it for myself really, but you can use whatever you want. There are a few transfers that are short, like Stortoni to whoever he signed for.

    Also, the RWC squads have been changed a lot, but i have left them as they were announced mainly. It doesn't really matter too much.

    Will probably get rid of that site i have, as it's doing zilcho. I will try to zip it up and post it on here in my sig.

    I'm going back to NBA Live 2003 for a little bit anyway. I find leaving games a few months makes them fresher. It's the new season here, and it looks cool to make a new version. I'm a better modder now after doing somethings on rugby 06.
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