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Help tackle big issues in Rugby: "I Bet You Need to Know This"


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Mar 6, 2024
🏉 Hey Rugby Fam! 🏉

👋 Got a quick favor to ask! We're on a mission to make our rugby world even better, and we need YOUR help! 🌟

📋 We've put together a super short survey to gather your thoughts and ideas. It's quick, painless, and your input will seriously make a huge difference. Promise! 🤞

👉 So, if you've got a spare minute (and maybe a post-game brew 🍻), click the link below and let's make some magic happen together! 💥

View our presentation and a walk & talk interview with Lloyd Ashley and Bradley Davies: sway.cloud.microsoft/EQn3YFBwrK0Av2oA?ref=Link

The survey: forms.office.com/e/FYxXgL5uEZGo

Thanks a million, legends! 🙌


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