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help with a file br7911on????



hey guys i was wondering if ne of u's heard of br7911on?? i think dats the correct spelling.
do u's know wat it is??
i searchd up google and some sites say itsa dangerous file or something... can ne one help?
also how do i remove it?

im asking this becoz at times my computer randomly shuts down, i know where that file is located but when i click onto the file to delete it my computer shuts down... help??
IT's a Trojan virus. Get rid of it by running any up-to-date anti-virus software, or if you haven't done it in a while, nuke your PC.
thanx for the info!!

one more thing... will system restore help?

thanx n advance
Well system restore wont help unless you know when your system got infected...

But System Restore does do a nice little backup of the virus for you...

Complete Rebuild mate, its the only way...

Then go download Avast from www.avast.com totally free Antivirus software, also make sure you machine is fully patched and firewall enabled
I remember i totally f***ed up my last computer becuase of too much porn and lack of protection.
That poor computer must have had the technology equivalent of AIDS.


Poor bugger.
i suggest downloading winpatrol.

from there install it and stop any processes from starting up and stop any internet helpers that are in there. its a great tool and well worth a look and it will unload the file out of memory so you can delete it without restarting your pc.

i have it running on my work pc and its been a life saver on more than one occasion :)
lol at "Rugby_Cymru's" comment... may be the porn..haha

but thanx woosaah will try looking it up!!