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Help With Rugby 2005



It says in the booklet or somewhere taht you can create your player entirely or use one of the Players in the games faces.

Also on the back cover it shows them creating a player with George Smith's Face. I was wondering if anyone has ever been able to create a player using a profilic Rugby Players face.

I tried the randomizer, But I just cant seem to be able to use any of the Pro Rugby Players Faces, Like Dan Carter, George Smith, Rupeni Caucau.

The reason I am doing this is so I can edit a few players, since you cant edit the "Originals" I wanted to convert guys like, C.Siale, W.Mafi to be able to represent Tonga. To have Sivivatu with the Face he originally has to play for the ALL BLACKS.

Can anyone Help ??

P.S- Please no replies like,"there are new Rugby games out", or Rugby 2006 is on the way why are you still playing Rugby '05."
Yeah, I wanted to know this as well, its a shame they got rid of that "Base Copy" they had on Rugby 04.

I wanted to redo Joe Rocokoko and give him some decent speed.
True, I wanted to do that as well. Why say there is a such a feature or option, if there isnt.

If there is its pretty hard to find. It shows them making a player with Smiths face though, so it should be in there.
Funny, seen as Jason Robinson is on the back of my cover.

Different part of the world though, so.

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