Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by piotr12370, Mar 16, 2005.

  1. piotr12370

    piotr12370 Guest

    I have from passage problem first practice on training in rugby 2005
    it what should was one make there???
    to run around all competitors and to final line???
    to push some competitor?
    I ask about help
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  3. Jert

    Jert Guest

    WTF ?
  4. BOKean

    BOKean Guest


    you speeka da engrish???
  5. i don't have the game, but i guess he's asking what he's suppose to do to complete the first practice session? I'm sure he'll appreciate any help from you guys (who have the game) ... [​IMG]
  6. Jert

    Jert Guest

    I think he's trying to say that he is experiencing difficulties in passing the first "running test" in the mandatory "how to use a control pad if you have never played video games before" tutorial, which we all have to endure when the game is booted for the first time...

    If this is the case then do the following...

    Hold down the RIGHT TRIGGER/R2 - Use the left THUMB stick and run AROUND the defence, down the touch line to the END of the pitch.

    If you cant do this then you mays well admit it... video games isn't your thing [​IMG]
  7. I'm pretty sure you're asking how to pass the first mandatory practice skill. You have to run through all the defenders and score a try without passing the ball. Its hard at first because it took me a couple efforts, especially if you're not used to playing with the side camera. I find the best strategy is to run straight at the defense for a second and then break to the top of the field. There's usually a hole there you can go through, you just have to bend your run outside near the touch-line gradually until you out-angle the defenders. Whatever you do, dont forget to save your progress once you complete the training!!!
  8. piotr12370

    piotr12370 Guest

    thank you stars and strpies prop
    rugby 2005 is hard , very hard...
  9. Yes, but it gets easier and more fun the longer you play it.

    It's crazy when the first thing EA ask you to do to play their video game is to run around an entire team!
  10. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    Its quite funny how the odd person seems to struggle a bit with training, [​IMG] hehe
  11. Dude, I thought they were joking when the first screen came up.

    I mean, run around the entire opposition and score, no passing, no kicking?????

    Luckily, all my running from the cops training in San Andreas came in handy.
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